Event Starts:
at 7:00PM
Event Ends:
at 8:00PM

SOBC Virtual Healthy Athletes Special Smiles Screening

This Virtual Healthy Athletes Special Smiles Screening session is all about your oral health! 

When you receive the Zoom link, you will also get a series of oral health-related questions. The session will go over these questions and provide an opportunity to chat with our friendly, supportive dentist and dental hygienist Clinical Directors. It is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns about your oral health or ask any questions.

Register here

Just a reminder: We ask that if you register for a session, you show up for it! We understand that schedules change, but if this is the case, please let the organizer know that you are no longer able to join. As many of our sessions have wait lists, by letting us know that you can not attend, this will give us the opportunity to let another athlete attend in your place. Thank you for your cooperation!

For more information, please contact:

Steph Stresing
SOBC Health Coordinator
Cell 604-737-3081
Email sstresing@specialolympics.bc.ca