Youth Engagement Project

Making a difference with the Inclusion Revolution!
Special Olympics BC Youth Engagement Project Hope

Too often individuals with intellectual disabilities are forgotten, marginalized, and disrespected, even today. In Special Olympics, athletes and their supporters open hearts and minds towards people with intellectual disabilities through year-round sport programs, empowering competitions, and inclusive awareness initiatives. 

Our amazing athletes need the help of young people who want to change the world and create a more inclusive future.

In 2020-21, Special Olympics British Columbia will be undertaking our second Youth Engagement Project, seeking to connect young people age 16 to 29 with the SOBC community, in order to collaborate and address the need for greater inclusion and respect for people with intellectual disabilities in communities across B.C. The SOBC Youth Engagement Project is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps program.

SOBC Youth Engagement Project funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps

Successful applicants will run a project on one of three three themes, which they will choose based on their personal interests and passions:

  1. Inclusive Schools
  2. Physical Literacy
  3. Nutrition Literacy

Please click here to find the full project description and application process. Young people who want to make the world a better place are invited to apply by June 22, 2020!

“I became a lot more confident throughout the course of this project. … I began to fight for other people’s rights and have a voice in this."
-Anneke Cairnie, member of the inaugural SOBC Youth Engagement Project

First SOBC Youth Engagement Project 2019-20

Inclusion Revolution Sports inclusion worksheet
An inclusion worksheet from the SOBC Youth Engagement Project Inclusion Revolution Sports initiative in Chilliwack and Hope.

The inspiring members of Special Olympics BC’s first Youth Engagement Project opened hearts and minds around the province. With the support of the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps program, the Youth Engagement Project leaders created and ran their own initiatives to increase inclusion in their communities throughout B.C. 

Their sport and awareness events created so many positive benefits. Throughout their communities, they increased inclusion, changed attitudes about the abilities of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and gave Special Olympics BC athletes opportunities to help lead the way to a better world. They created opportunities for fellow young people to volunteer and learn, and worked with their SOBC Local Committees in their efforts to make a difference. 

We are so proud to know these thoughtful, passionate, interesting young people, and so grateful for all their efforts to create inclusion and awareness of Special Olympics!

Please click here to read about their successful projects

"I felt empowered by the youth that I met, and by the power of inclusion. By sharing my passion for inclusion, I could make a difference.”
-Megan Owens, member of the inaugural SOBC Youth Engagement Project
Special Olympics BC Youth Engagement Project
Participants in the inaugural SOBC Youth Engagement Project Summit.