Spectator Code of Conduct

Special Olympics BC athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators are expected to adhere to Codes of Conduct in order to facilitate the best possible practice and competition environment for athletes and coaches.

As a supporter who may often be a spectator at Special Olympics events, you will be expected to adhere to the Spectator's Code of Conduct, which applies to all Games (regional, provincial, national, and international) and other Special Olympics competitions.

  • Spectators should view the Games as a game situation and refrain from coaching athletes during the competition.
  • Spectators should refrain from speaking to the athletes and coaches until after the competition and after the needs of the athletes are met unless otherwise discussed with the Head Coach or Chef de Mission.
  • Spectators who have concerns should voice them to the Parent Liaison or the Program Coordinator. If they are not available, the spectator should approach the Head Coach (after the competition and after the needs of the athlete are met). Avoid talking to the coach in front of the athletes.
  • Spectators should make their own travel arrangements to the competition and should provide for their own accommodation and meals that are separate from the team.
  • Spectators should not invite the athletes to any meals or outside activities for the duration of the competition.
  • Spectators should not call/contact the athletes prior to the competition unless otherwise discussed with the Head Coach. Please wait until after the competition to call/contact the athlete.
  • Officials play a vital role in Special Olympics. Please utilize the rules of fair play and do not yell at and/or harass the officials in any way.

It is a Special Olympics policy that spectators are not allowed inside the Games accommodation and cannot remove athletes from a competition. If they do, the athlete is disqualified from further competition and the supporter assumes complete responsibility for the athlete (travel and accommodation arrangements and cost, etc.). Supporters can apply in writing prior to a competition/Games to the Head Coach/Regional Coordinator (in the case of National/World Games, to the Chef de Mission) if they would like to remove their athlete on the final day after the Closing Ceremony.


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