2020 Special Olympics BC Awards

Thousands of Special Olympics BC athletes, volunteers and sponsors help to inspire greatness within our organization and within our community. Special Olympics BC is proud to recognize the exceptional contributions and achievements of SOBC athletes, volunteers, and sponsors through our annual awards! 

Please note

  1. All registered individuals of Special Olympics BC have the ability to nominate an individual for the President's Award, Howard Carter Award, Spirit of Sport Award, Grassroots Coach Award and/or Athletic Achievement Award.

    Note: All nominations must be endorsed by the Local before they are submitted to Provincial Office. In instances where the Local Coordinator is nominated, the Regional Coordinator and/or other executive members can endorse the application.
  2. Special Olympics BC will only require two contact names (including name, phone number and e-mail address) to be written at the end of the nomination form in the space provided. These individuals will then be contacted by the Awards selection committee for further information on the shortlisted candidates.
  3. All awards submitted will be held over for one additional year, if requested by the nominator.

If you have any questions about SOBC awards, please contact Leanne Kelly by email or by phone at 778-581-0511.