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2015 Inductees: Doug Holtby and Blair Shier

SOBC Builder (Provincial)

Induction summary written in 2015:

Doug Holtby (pictured at right) volunteered for 15 years as a member of the Special Olympics BC Board of Directors, serving from 1996 to 2011. During his time on the Board, Special Olympics BC refocused its efforts on growth, quality and sustainability, and Doug’s guidance during this entire process was invaluable. Doug introduced Special Olympics BC to many of our major sponsors and helped build those relationships.

SOBC Builder (Provincial)

Blair Shier (pictured at right) served on the Special Olympics BC Board of Directors from 1996 to 2000. During his time on the Board, the Special Olympics organization underwent a very involved rebranding and Blair’s guidance during this entire process was invaluable. He also provided critical assistance in building our base of contacts and helped Special Olympics BC develop new sources of revenue.

Since 1998, both Doug and Blair have provided leadership and direction for the Sports Celebrities Festival, which has become a cornerstone for providing funds and exposure for Special Olympics while fostering awareness and inclusion for SOBC athletes. The SCF has now raised more than $3.7 million for its charities, including almost $2 million for Special Olympics BC alone.

Blair and Doug have both made a significant impact on Special Olympics BC, benefitting the organization not only over the past 20 years, but long into the future.

2003 Inductee: The Carter Family

Induction summary written in 2003:

SOBC Builder (Provincial)

In 2003, the Carter family was inducted into the Special Olympics BC Hall of Fame in recognition of their remarkable contributions to SOBC since 1984. This is the first time that a family has been recognized in the Hall of Fame.

The late Howard Carter was a well-respected member of the automobile business community, a dedicated family man and a true friend and supporter of Special Olympics BC. During his life, Howard assisted Special Olympics with many fundraising initiatives and was instrumental in bringing the Automobile Dealers of BC on as sponsors. His wife Marnie continues with Howard's efforts, initiating the Howard Carter Fund and sitting on Special Olympics BC's Board of Directors for 15 years. Their son James has also been an active SOBC supporter, raising funds for SOBC through the automotive community and supporting many Special Olympics fundraising initiatives.

Special Olympics BC would like to thank Howard, Marnie and James Carter for the significant impact their family has made on Special Olympics BC. Their contributions have deeply benefited the organization over the past 20 years, and will continue to benefit the organization long into its future.

2002 Inductee: Cherald Tutt

Induction summary written in 2002:

As a founding member of Special Olympics BC - Kelowna, Cherald spent years building one of the strongest and most well-established Special Olympics programs in British Columbia. She served on the Board of Directors for six years, as well as on the Provincial Program Committee.

In 2002, Cherald was inducted into the Special Olympics BC Hall of Fame in recognition for her years of volunteerism and for her dedication to Special Olympics BC athletes.

2000 Inductee: Bruce Jansen

SOBC Builder (Provincial)

Induction summary written in 2000:

Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Jansen was instrumental in founding the Special Olympics BC organization in 1980.

As chairperson of the Northern Interior Special Olympics Games in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Bruce acquired knowledge and experience that was invaluable to the group that came together to establish Special Olympics BC in 1980. Bruce served on the Special Olympics BC Board of Directors from 1980 to 1988, holding many positions including those of the Program Chair and President. He assisted the organization in achieving significant growth and in laying down the framework for future development.

As chair of the Provincial Program Committee in the early 1980s, Bruce provided the vision, direction and focus for the introduction of policies, procedures, and structures that ensured the effective and efficient development of the organization. He served as Special Olympics BC representative on the National Programming Committee, and played a key role in initiating many of Special Olympics BC’s “firsts,” including the 1984 Provincial Summer Games.