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The Virtual Fit Families and Friends program is a virtual walking club, with the collective goal of walking around the province and visiting each Local along the way! This program provides great opportunities for Special Olympics BC athletes to get outside, exercise, and connect with others virtually to create engaging and supportive social networks. So let’s get moving and get that heart rate up!  

How it works:  

  1. Participants connect via Zoom with their Virtual Fit Families and Friends leader prior to the walk. Leaders share the intention/discussion topic for the week as well as the weekly healthy recipe.
  2. Participants then track their kilometres on a cellphone using apps such as Strava, Apple Health, Nike Running, or Map My Route. If an individual does not have access to a cellphone, they can map the route they have walked using Google Maps. The Virtual Fit Families and Friends leader will confirm they have completed their walk using the provided worksheet. 
  3. After the walk, participants connect via Zoom again to speak about their experience and discuss the weekly discussion topic, as well as learn about healthy recipes and nutrition tips.
  4. Kilometres tallied from around the province are exchanged for points (1km = 3 points). These points are being used to make your way around British Columbia (Vancouver to Richmond = 9 points etc.). We will also release different challenges that will provide participants with the opportunity to earn point multipliers. For example, if participants earn a 2x multiplier, 1km will now equal 6 points! 


Celebrate each milestone as we enter a new Special Olympics BC region! Celebratory badges to share on social media will be available to download here once we have completed the corresponding Region. As we make our way around the province, more badges will be unlocked and available to download.

Congratulations to all participants - you've completed all Regions and unlocked the celebratory badges! 

SOBC Virtual Fit Families and Friends graphic showing all badges have been completed.

Healthy Recipes

Participants can download a new healthy recipe to make each week! Check out the awesome eats below: 



Making your way around the province will be a team effort, calling on participants from all Locals. We want to help recognize the leaders of this initiative, so check back weekly to see which three Locals and which three individuals are leading the charge!

SOBC VFFF leaderboard.



Below is an interactive map that shows participants' progress along the route around the province with red map markers. Find out where we've been and where we're headed!

Any athletes and coaches who would like to be part of the program can contact Special Olympics BC Sport Coordinator Marlow de Paul by email at or by phone at 604-737-3081.