Fit Families & Friends

Let’s keep moving together!

Special Olympics BC Fit Families and Friends programs run both virtually and in-person in communities around the province. Fit Families & Friends creates connections and encouragement to stay active together!

During in-person programs, Special Olympics BC athletes and supporters connect for weekly exercise outings like walks or hikes, followed by fun chats about healthy eating. 

Everyone can join the fun in SOBC's Virtual Fit Families & Friends program in summer 2022! 


Virtual Fit Families & Friends

Stay fit and connected this summer with our fun and welcoming weekly program! You can register anytime! 

Register here

Week 1: July 17-23
Week 2: July 24-30
Week 3: July 31 to August 6
Week 4: August 7-13
Week 5: August 14-20

Each week, Fit Families & Friends participants can earn points for three activities:

  1.  Fitness
  2.  Nutrition
  3.  Bingo Blast!

Special Olympics BC will host weekly virtual meetings and share tips and motivational moments!


If you're looking for activity ideas, please click here!

Choose the weekly goal that aligns with your current schedule. Our goal is to “LEVEL UP” into a higher level each week!

LEVEL UP Fitness Level Goals


Minutes per week




90-150 minutes

30 minutes per day

3-5 days/week



150-210 minutes

30 minutes per day

5-7 days/week



210-315 minutes

30-45 minutes per day

7 days/week



315-420 minutes

45-60 minutes per day

5-7 days/week



420-525 minutes

More than 1 hour per day

7 days/week



More than 525 minutes

More than 1.5 hours per day

7 days/week

You can complete the exercise minutes to obtain your weekly fitness goal by participating in any form of activity. 

You can still get points if you don't achieve your goal!

  • 30 minutes = 5 points
  • 60 minutes = 10 points
  • 90 minutes = 15 points



  • Each whole vegetable you eat in a week = 1 point
  • Each whole fruit = 1 point 
  • You can gain bonus points by sharing photos of your healthy meals with us via Facebook or by emailing


Bingo Blast

Check back here for new cards coming each week!

  • Complete 4 activities = 10 points
  • Complete 1 line of activities = 25 points
  • Complete 2 lines of activities = 50 points
  • Complete the full card = 100 points


Submit your points each week

Submit your points here


Connect with Friends

Stay connected with fellow SOBC Virtual Fit Families & Friends participants and SOBC staff! Join the SOBC Wellness Challenges Facebook Group, and participate in weekly virtual meetings on Mondays with workouts and motivational moments!


Healthy Recipes

Here are some ideas for healthy recipe to make each week! Check out the awesome eats below: 


Join the Fun!

Any athletes and coaches who would like to be part of the program can contact Special Olympics BC's health team at

Special Olympics athletes, volunteers, and family members smile after a walk
Special Olympics BC Fit Families & Friends participants enjoying the program in Kelowna!
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