2017 SOBC Summer Games Organizing Committee

Karl deBruijn

Director of Accommodations
Wayne Robinson

Director of Food Services
John Dacre

Director of Special Events
Jan Antons

Directors of Transportation
Dave Mell
Sherry Kristjanson

Director of Security
Mike Stewart

Director of Medical Services
Andy Philpot

Director of Sponsorship
Tyson Andrykew

Director of Logistics
Tim Parker

Director of Awards
John Atherton

City of Kamloops Liaison
Sean Smith

School District Liaison
Bill Hamblett

Kamloops Sports Council staff
Duncan Olthuis
Ellice Clement

Special Olympics BC staff
Dan Howe
Lois McNary
Shawn Fevens
Leslie Thornley
James Marchand
Reanne Amadio
Megan Pollock