2021 President's Award winner: Susan Foisy

Susan Foisy with the 2021 President's Award.

Throughout her 12 years as a Special Olympics BC volunteer, Susan Foisy has made a difference with her caring, positive, and adaptable approach in a wide range of leadership roles, and is the deserving winner of the 2021 SOBC President’s Award

Foisy has given her time as the Regional Coordinator for the Okanagan, as Local Coordinator for SOBC – Kelowna, mission staff for Provincial and National Games, and numerous other important leadership positions.

Foisy is known as a dedicated, passionate, and motivating leader who builds deep knowledge and caring about every single athlete and volunteer she works with. She never hesitates to help wherever she can in order to create the most experiences, and the best possible experiences, for athletes.

Most people who know Foisy mention how positive, passionate, and motivating she is. Any time there is a new initiative that Special Olympics BC puts forward, she is the first to ask what she can do to get that happening in her community. 

Her nominators write that Foisy knows everyone in SOBC – Kelowna, which may seem like an exaggeration, but is demonstrably true, and she genuinely takes the time to genuinely get to know everyone. She deeply cares about people and has so much love for the athletes. She is directly involved with athletes through initiatives ranging from sport programs and fundraising events like motionball to leadership training such as Health Messenger and Athletes Speaker Bureau. 

She always puts the athletes’ wellbeing first and foremost. She pushes athletes to be their best, and lending a comforting ear when life throws a curveball. Foisy cares deeply about empowering the athletes and encouraging them to build their self-confidence and self-efficacy while also working on their physical fitness and mental health.

Foisy is fun, enthusiastic, and the epitome of positivity and professionalism.

Congratulations to Susan, and to all the deserving 2021 nominees! Watch Susan's conversation with legendary broadcaster Bernie Pascall in the President's Award segment from the 2021 SOBC Awards Ceremony:

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