2013 Recipient: Sheila Snell

SOBC - Howard Carter Award 2013
Sheila Snell has been an invaluable asset to the Special Olympics movement for more than a decade.

Sheila Snell combines an exemplary ability to see and develop potential and athletes and fellow volunteers alike with a friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable manner that has made her an invaluable asset to Special Olympics throughout the 10 years she has been involved.

As the Special Olympics BC – Surrey rhythmic gymnastics Head Coach, Sheila has helped her athletes develop their skills and confidence in leaps and bounds, bolstered by her warm and encouraging manner and high-quality coaching ability. Sheila has also held the position of Provincial Coach for the sport, sharing her high-calibre coaching abilities to help build the sport around the province, and the athletes she coaches directly have benefitted greatly, as demonstrated by their participation in many regional events and Provincial and National Games.

Sheila extended the SOBC – Surrey rhythmic gymnastics program to allow more focus on the developmental athletes at the beginning of the session, and on the advanced athletes at the end of the program. During the time in between, the athletes practice together in a group. As a result, the athletes have motivated each other to reach new heights, with all of the athletes reaching their goals of advancing to new routines, and the more advanced group enjoying the feeling of accomplishment by being positive role models for the other group of athletes.

Sheila is very skillful in creating such positive environments, and in noticing potential and encouraging development in both athletes and fellow coaches. Her athletes have seen success both in their competitions and their ongoing progress in their sport, thriving with her constant positive reinforcement, as well as benefitting from Sheila’s encouragement and leadership by example with healthy eating and proper nutrition. Sheila is also a great source of support to other coaches, such as a fellow coach to whom she provided encouragement and helped build confidence so she was able to take on a Head Coach role.

“She is always eager to listen to all, and she is very good at promoting an environment that is friendly and cooperative,” Sheila’s nominators wrote. “She is never one to express frustration, impatience, or disinterest. Sheila is well respected by athletes and volunteers alike.”

In addition to her talents and achievements as a coach, Sheila has also given generously of her time to play critical parts with the SOBC – Surrey Executive Committee over the last decade, holding many positions including Local Coordinator and Program Volunteer as well as her current role as Registration Coordinator.

Thank you, Sheila, for your amazing coaching and contributions to SOBC!

Sincere congratulations to all of the 2013 Howard Carter Award nominees:

  • Dona Cade, SOBC – Penticton
  • Calvin Dyck, SOBC – Prince George