Wellness Champion program

SOPEI launches an At-home Wellness Champion program to support Islanders with intellectual disabilties during COVID-19 restrictions
Wellness Champions Program

This program, for all islanders with an intellectual disability, has four pillars related to wellness that will allow a variety of fun activities. Each pillar requires activities to be completed and tracked. The tracking form can be sent to the Special Olympics PEI office for a medal! Complete all the points in each pillar and the medals will fit together like a puzzle, and become a large Wellness Champion medal at the end!

You can join individually from your home, with a support worker and/or be connected to a volunteer weekly to identify and support your activities for the week. Those who attend a day service program can join their Team program instead and be guided through activities with support workers and their friends.

Register today!

Email the office, sopei@sopei.com if you do not have a completed Special Olympics PEI Athlete Registration Form. You will need to submit this to be eligible to participate. For those that are part of a Community Association, your support worker must submit the Team registration form.

Get Started!

  1. Look at the tracking tool you receive after you have submitted your registration forms.
  2. Complete an activity that takes you at least 30 minutes and fits one of the four themes.
    4 Activity Categories
  3. Write your activity on the Activity Tracker Log and colour-in one of the images on the tracking form.
  4. Once you have been able to colour in all the activity images in one theme, make sure you scan or take a photo to Ellen Murphy sopei@sopei.com to show that you’ve completed it and we will send you your medal piece!
  5. Earn all 4 theme medals to get the puzzle pieces that will make a large medal for you to show to everyone as close contacts, and online if you want to take a photo to share. 


Special Olympics PEI, Health Messengers

Along with the physical materials we have worked with professionals to develop a Wellness campaign that highlights five Athlete Leadership Academy members who completed the Health Messenger training online during COVID restrictions this Spring. They wanted to inspire, educate and support you with simple health and wellness messages.

Here is our first video highlighting all five of the trained Health Messengers, Janet Charchuk, Lisa Bernard, Ellen MacNearney, Cameron Gordon and Heidi Mallet. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the complete video campaign as they are released.

Thank you to the funding partners that helped make this program possible

funding partners