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At Special Olympics PEI we want to help our coaches become the best they can be. To this end, we offer the following resources to our coaches:

REMINDER: Volunteer Coach on-boarding process and Special Olympics requirements outlined in our current policies, and be sure to review our updated Registration Processes and Resources.

    • Submit Annual Volunteer Form and Sign the Participant Waiver and Media opt out Form.
    • Submit Criminal Record Check (age 18+ only) every year for the first 3 years, and every 3 years for volunteers who are active 3+ years. 
    • New Volunteers must complete the Online SOPEI Orientation.
    • All volunteers that are designated as head/assistant coaches in your program must complete required NCCP training – Head Coaches (within 1 year) Assistant Coaches (within 2 years).

Upcoming Courses and Coach Resources:

SOC Competition Coach Workshop

When: TBD when at least 6 are signed up
Required By: All Coaches (Head Coaches within 1 yr., Assistant Coaches within 2 yr.)
Registration: email
Event Location: 40 Enman Crescent
Cost: Free

SOPEI Online Volunteer Orientation

When: Ongoing (Only required once by each registered member)
Due: 3 months after becoming a registered volunteer
Required by: all volunteers in any role since 2014 (all members encouraged to take for PD opportunity)

Event Location:
Special Olympics Canada's Online Volunteer Orientation

This course is targeted as a basic introduction to Special Olympics in Canada. It covers;
‐ Overview and Introduction to Special Olympics
‐ Risk Management
‐ Working with Special Olympics athletes
Coaches can take the course online at the Special Olympics SOLearn platform. The course is free but
coaches will need to create a login.

Here are the steps you will need to take:

  1.    Create an account at
    2.       Follow the instructions in the registration confirmation e-mail that you receive
    3.       Click on “Begin your Training” from the home screen
    4.       Click 1st Module called “Introduction & Overview”
    5.       There are 4 modules to complete, a new one will appear after the completion of the previous module


Making Ethical Decisions

When: Ongoing - anytime
Required by: EVERYONE (Head Coaches within 1 year and Assistant Coaches within 2 years)
Important: this course is included in the required Sport Technical for Curling, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Basketball, Softball, 5-pin, 10-pin, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Swimming so the evaluation will be free.
Evaluation: once this course is completed you are required to complete your evaluation online to complete certification; follow the steps below:

You will need to Log-in to The Locker (if you need your NCCP# and password, email Matthew McNally) and:

  1. Complete Login with your NCCP# or email and password.
  2. Find the “Home” section or click the Home icon beside the red Profile Tab
  3. Select the “eLearning” option from the main screen under the navigation section.
  4. Select “Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online Evaluation” from the list on the left-hand side
  5. Select “Continue” below the Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Select “Begin” on the bottom right
    ​​       A) If you previously took MED: You will have unlimited attempts at obtaining a passing grade of 75%
           B) If you have not taken MED: There will be an $85 charge and you will have 2 attempts. Please save the receipt(s) and SOPEI will reimburse you.

Event Location: online

Safe Sport Training

When: Ongoing - Online

Released in April 2020, this free online training on harassment and abuse is for everyone involved in sport: decision-makers, those with direct athlete contact (including caregivers), and those with no direct athlete contact. Certified coaches are also eligible for Professional Development points toward the maintenance of their certification.

 This course will help you:

  • Understand that everyone has a role to play in keeping sport safe, how the misuse of power leads to maltreatment and the principles of the Universal Code of Conduct.
  • Understand the various types of maltreatment, the conditions that enable them, and how to recognize signs that they may be happening.
  • Know what to do if you suspect maltreatment, and how you can create a culture that protects all participants.

This can be found at under the eLearning tab. You will need an NCCP number to access but this can be created at no cost. If you have an NCCP number and need your password, please contact! A step by step example is below:

  1. Complete Login with your NCCP# or email and password.
  2. Find the “E-Learning” section from the list of Profile Tabs.
  3. Select “Safe Sport Training” from the list on the left-hand side
  4. Select the Role(s) for which you hold in sport. Your selection will automatically trigger the appropriate version of the training.


CAC Locker Modules

When: Ongoing - Online
Four modules, developed by Special Olympics Canada have been launched on the Locker. All four
courses are targeted at Special Olympics coaches and are being offered for free. Upon completion it will
be recorded on the coach’s NCCP transcript. Not Required but suggested resources for managing risk at program and competitions.

You will need to Log-in to The Locker (if you need your NCCP# and password, email Matthew McNally) and select the e-learning tab.

Coaching Athletes with Down Syndrome:
Special Olympic Canada’s Coaching Athletes with Down Syndrome eLearning module is designed for those who coach athletes with Down syndrome. In this module coaches learn how to empower athletes with Down syndrome to become active and successful participants in sport. This module will take you approximately 20‐30 minutes to complete.

Coaching Athletes with Autism in a recreational setting:
In this module coaches will receive additional training regarding autism, specific to sport and coaching. The four sections will introduce coaches to autism and what it looks like in a recreation setting, 1:1 strategies for supporting individuals with ASD, and group coaching strategies for supporting individuals with autism. This module was developed in collaboration with the Canucks Autism Network. This module will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Diversity and Inclusion in Action:
The Diversity and Inclusion in Action eLearning module is designed for volunteers, coaches, staff, board members, and/or other stakeholders of your organization. In this module, you will learn how to contribute to the success of an organization that reflects, respects, and promotes diversity and inclusion. This module will take you approximately 30‐40 minutes to complete.

Exercise-Induced Asthma Training:
This eLearning module in webinar form has been designed by researchers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) to support coaches working with athletes who have asthma. This course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Leading a Return to Sport Participation:
The Leading a Return to Sport Participation eLearning module is designed to help coaches lead a safe and adaptive transition back to sport. After completing this module, coaches will understand their role in facilitating this transition and learn practical advice to apply when creating their own return-to-sport plan.

The process of restarting sports activities presents significant challenges for coaches and participants. After the extended period of restricted training and competition, participants may experience various physical and psychological effects that will influence their return to sport participation.

Coaches play an important role in providing a supportive environment for participants during this transition period. This eLearning module provides guidance and resources to help coaches create a safe and adaptable return-to-sport plan. 

Event Location: online


Responsible COACHING MOVEMENT - Rule of Two

When: Ongoing - Online
The goal of the Rule of Two is to ensure all interactions and communications are open, observable, and justifiable. Its purpose is to protect participants (especially minors) and coaches in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring more than one adult is present. There may be exceptions in emergency situations. Not Required but suggested resources for managing risk at program and competitions.
More Details: Visit the CAC Responsible Coaching Movement website 


When: Ongoing - Online 
Not Required but suggested resources for managing risk at program and competitions.
More Details: Visit website for courses

Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED Training

When: June 12, 2021 (email to be put on a contact list)
Deadline to register: May 31, 2021

Event Location: 40 Enman Crescent, Room 125 in Charlottetown, PE (Same building as SOPEI Office)
Minimum: 10 
Max: 15 

Cost: Free


When: Ongoing
Upcoming NCCP Courses offered in PEI
Coaching Resource Links


NCCP Upcoming Courses

When: Ongoing
Coaching Association of Canada Course Calender


Special Olympics International (SOI) Resources

When: Ongoing - Online
SOI has a learning platform for coaches, volunteers, staff and athletes and are currently providing a number of courses, some for free. Coaches can explore the catalogue for courses on unified sports, health, Introduction to Intellectual Disabilities, and some sport specific content. Coaches will need to create a login to access material. Not Required but suggested resources for managing risk at program and competitions.
More Details: Visit SOI Resource website for courses

SIRC Online Concussion Resources

When: Ongoing - Online
Not Required but suggested resources
For more information, or to express interest in further training, email Matthew McNally 

#CoachingToolKit – NCCP Inspired Coaching Tips

When: Ongoing-Online (updated with new resources bi-monthly)
Not Required but suggested resources
Quick tips for coaches at all levels and abilities inspired by NCCP
More Details: Visit the #CoachingToolKit website 

Social Media 101 for Coaches

When: Ongoing - Online
Not Required but suggested resources
More Details: Visit the Website  

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association: HIGH FIVE Training

When: Ongoing - Online
Not Required but suggested resources

HIGH FIVE national is introducing a new virtual OnDemand training for sport coaches! Are you interested in leveling up your coaching? Or are you interested in coaching but not confident about your sport skills? Learn more about how to keep the game fun for your players while having a quality sport experience with HIGH FIVE Sport training. This training is eligible as professional development points within the National Coach Certification Program. This opportunity has been made possible through a partnership with Canadian Parks and Recreation Association. This effort supports the Government of Canada (Sport Canada) funding commitment to achieve gender equity in sport at every level by 2035.
More Details: Visit the Registration Page


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If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ for Volunteers and Coaches page, or give us a call at 902-368-8919.