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The World Games are flagship events for the Special Olympics movement. They take place every two years and alternate between summer and winter Games. The Games can be the world's largest sporting event of the year. Thousands of athletes, coaches, volunteers and supporters attend to see and cheer the skills and accomplishments of people with an intellectual disability.

The World Games feature more than a week of grueling, yet inspiring, competition among thousands of athletes from all over the world. Through media coverage of the Games, the stories and achievement of our athletes are seen by millions of people worldwide. Learn more by visit Special Olympics Canada's Team Canada Page

The National Team Program (NTP) was developed by Special Olympics Canada to better equip our athletes, coaches and mission staff attending World Games. The NTP is designed to provide athletes, coaches and mission staff with a formalized approach to training and preparation for World Games. The program ensures that Special Olympics athletes in Canada have access to quality training, coaching and competitive opportunities to ensure optimal performance and a positive experience as a member of the National Team.

Special Olympics PEI, World Games


Upcoming Special Olympics World Games

2023  World Summer Games in Berlin, Germany

   (The SOC Team Canada Training Squad has not been identified)













History of Special Olympics PEI Members Selected to Special Olympics Canada's Team 

2022  SPecial Olympics Team Canada training squad

Official statement on Special Olympics Team Canada 2022


2019  World Summer Games in Abu Dahbi, UAE 









2017  World winter Games in Austria (WEbsite)










2015 World Summer Games in Los Angeles, USA

  • Jenna Smith (10-Pin Bowling)
  • John Paynter (Athletics) 
  • Charity Sheehan (Mission Staff - Athletics)









2013 World Winter Games in Pyeongchang, south Korea

  • Alyssa Chapman (Figure Skating)
  • Ellen MacNearney (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Charity Sheehan (Mission Staff - Snowshoe)






2011 World Summer Games in Athens, greece

  • Team PEI Jays (Softball) Athletes:

Glendon Arsenault
Chris MacPherson
Greg St. John
Tommy MacGuigan
Cedric Gallant
Marc McKearnery
Jerred Affleck
Mark Ramsay
Travis Perry
Aaron Myers
Brian McNab
Blair Burns
John Anthony Laybolt
Shawn Mitchell

Richard Douillette (Head Coach)
Judy Gallant (Assistant Coach)
Lew Champion (Assistant Coach)

2009 World Winter Games in Boise, USA

  • Michael Morris (Cross Country Skiing)









2005 World Winter Games in Nagano, Japan

  • Michael Morris (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Rose MacDonald (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Charity Sheehan (Mission Staff - Snowshoe)







2003 World Summer Games in Dublin, Ireland

  • Suzie Smith (Swimming)









2001 World Winter Games in Anchorage, USA

  • Shiley Boute (Snowshoe)










1999 World Summer Games in North Carolina, USA

  • Suzie Smith (Swimming)











1997 World Winter Games in Collingwood, Canada

  • Marc McKearney (Speed Skating)










1995 World Summer Games in New Haven, USA

  • Jamie Trowsdale (Swimming)










1993 World Winter Games in Austria

  •  Marc McKearney (Speed Skating)














1987 World Summer Games in Indiana, USA

  • Scott Andrews (Speed Skating)