Meet Special Olympics PEI Athlete, Stephen Baird

Special Olympics PEI, Stephen Baird

Through Special Olympics, Marina Fay was able to find a place for her son, Stephen Baird, to belong. 

From a very young age Marina was focused on getting her son involved with activities that would get him some physical activity. Stephen went as far as he could in generic programs. As is the case with many family before they join Special Olympics, Marina wondered what was next.  Stephen has had a love of the water from a young age, so Special Olympics' swimming was the logical choice for Marina. Stephen participated in the Charlottetown competitive swimming program for almost 10 years. Several years ago, when Stephen began to lose in swimming, Marina knew that it was time for Stephen to try a new sport. Thankfully for Stephen, Special Olympics offers 18 official sports, so he had many options to choose from. 

Stephen started bowling, and he loves it! He enjoys being with his friends each week on the bowling lanes. Marina is happy with the move to bowling as well. One of the things that Marina finds so valuable about Special Olympics programs is how athletes are met at their skill level. Special Olympics is such a diverse program, able to meet the needs of a diverse group of athletes. Special Olympics offers a place that meets both the social and athletic needs of our athletes.  Athletes of all abilities level are welcome, and athletes across a wide range of abilities are comfortable participating in bowling. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic started Stephen and Marina, like most families, were suddenly spending a lot more time together. Tremploy, the life skills training day program that Stephen attended 5 days a week, was closed.  Marina, who was often the one organizing social activities for Stephen, was suddenly having to adjust what those activities looked like, and was busy finding ways for Stephen to stay active, at home. The pair took advantage of the spring weather, and got out for walks most days. 

Over a year since the start of the pandemic, and Stephen's life is starting to look a bit more like it did before. He is back at Tremploy 3 days a week, and he is back at Special Olympics bowling. Stephen is signed up for the upcoming 5-Pin Bowling Open, and while it might be hard to tell, Marina can see how much Stephen is looking forward to the tournament. 

Support Athletes like Stephen

Your support helps athletes like Stephen find a place to belong. If you are in a position to support Special Olympics PEI at this time, we invite you to consider the following ways you can support the 30th Anniversary of the Enriching Lives Gala:


Tables of 6 are available for purchase for $650. Tables can either be corporate or can be bought by an individual to be filled at their discretion. Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, individual tickets sales are not available at this time. To purchase your Gala Table of 6 please contact Charity Sheehan, either via email at or by calling 902-368-8919. 


This year’s Silent Auction will again be hosted online. Online viewing and bidding on all Silent Auction items will begin June 8th, 2 weeks prior to the Gala, on our Enriching Lives Auction custom website. To donate an Auction Item, please contact Charity Sheehan, either via email at or by calling 902-368-8919. You can also make your donation online via our Auction Donation Form.