Meet Charlottetown Athlete Art Smith

Art Smith

Art Smith, Charlottetown, has been a athlete with Special Olympics PEI for 17 years. Art participates in Floor Hockey, Softball, 5-Pin Bowling, and Bocce.

Described as a "quiet, but strong" individual, you can see from Art's face that he loves the involvement and inclusion that Special Olympics programs offer. This past year he attended the National Winter Games in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland and enjoyed the success of a medal for his team's participation. Art dedicated himself to the training, both sport specific and Synergy cross training. National Games meant a lot of firsts for Art, including flying, and he got through the week well. On the ball field Art has improved in his fielding skills and is more comfortable in the batter's box as well. He puts forth the best effort each week, which reflects a role model for others in the program. Art comes back each week with renewed enthusiasm to play softball. He often asks to practice a particular skill so that he can get better. You can see by the smile on his face, that he truly enjoys playing the game of softball! Art is considerate of others, listens attentively to volunteers/coaches/officials and follows through with their direction, always with a great attitude. This positivity is witnessed by others and helps to show them how sportsmanship should be portrayed.

Following the National Games, Art was named Special Olympics PEI's Male Athlete of the Year (2015-2016).  Most recently Art was named as a member of Team PEI 2018, as a member of the Softball team.