Meet Athlete and Board Member Heidi Mallett

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Heidi Mallett joined Special Olympics PEI in 2006. She had heard about Special Olympics, and felt it was the right time to take part, to make a life for herself. Heidi had recently seen some significant changes in her life, her father passed away, so Heidi made a decision to become more active in her community.  Special Olympics has allowed Heidi to meet many friends here in PEI, as well as across Canada. 

Heidi, who lives in Alberton, currently participates in Golf, Bocce, Snowshoe, and 5-Pin Bowling. It was Heidi's good friend, and fellow Special Olympics PEI athlete, Janet, who first told Heidi about the programs Special Olympics offered. Heidi most enjoys her time on the golf course. Heidi describes her Golf coach, Jamie, as a laid back guy, who is well respected, and who is easy to get along with. Ask anyone who knows the pair, and they will tell you that Heidi leads the charge, and keeps Jamie in line at programs and competitions!

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Heidi is the Athlete Representative on the Special Olympics PEI Board of Directors. During this time Heidi has enjoyed learning about how the organization operates, and all of the services and programs offered. Further to this, Heidi is Special Olympics PEI's representative on the Canadian Athlete Leadership Council (CALC). Heidi has been on the CALC since 2016, and was part of developing the Terms of Reference for the group. Part of Heidi's commitment to the CALC is annual in person meetings in Toronto, where athletes from across the country discuss issues ranging from coaching to Games evaluations. Heidi enjoys the role because she feels that the athletes' voices are being heard.  Heidi's mentor on the CALC is Special Olympics PEI's Program Coordinator, Genna Phelan. Heidi enjoys working with Genna, saying that the two have a good relationship. 

Heidi Mallett, Healthy Athletes, Special Olympics

Outside of Special Olympics Heidi is a strong advocate of the People First movement. She is the Chair / President of People First PEI. Through this role, Heidi represents the Provincial Board, gives direction to the group, offers input into budgeting, and participates in training opportunities. Furthermore, the group works on topics that include housing, plain language, and the United Nations Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities, helping to speak up for those cannot speak up for themselves.  Heidi also voluntneers at Welcome Program, and visits seniors, helping out with doing some chores.