SOBC Return to Sport news February 9

Special Olympics BC Return to Sport Plan principles

Because the province-wide restrictions on group events and social gatherings have been extended until further notice, Special Olympics BC’s Return to Sport protocols remain the same as announced in January

It’s been such an inspiration to watch the coaches, volunteers, and athletes who have gone above and beyond to safely offer in-person training opportunities under the current conditions. While these opportunities are small, they are very meaningful. We are so grateful to all Local Committees, coaches, athletes, and supporters for all that they are doing to make training possible under these unique circumstances.

A reminder that prior to reopening, all programs must apply to reopen using this form, and must receive approval from the provincial office before restarting. Please submit the form to your Community Development Coordinator. 

SOBC volunteers, coaches, and athletes have shown that a lot is still possible under the current conditions, especially outdoors where the participation numbers can be greater. SOBC staff are continuing to develop resources to support programs, both existing and upcoming, and we very much want to hear from everyone about how we can help. We know there are many and varied considerations for each program, and we are here to help address these questions and overcome obstacles together. 

We’re also looking forward to the spring, and planning for all that can come next, with the return of warmer weather. We have just received approval to reopen soccer and softball at Level 1 – please click here to find the safety protocols for those sports. Please contact your Community Development Coordinator about spring plans and how SOBC can support you.

Find the full SOBC Return to Sport Plan and resources

Powerlifting and indoor Club Fit remain paused at this time, because of the Provincial Health Order requiring the suspension of high-intensity group exercise. 

As always, we are so truly thankful for all of the hard work that Local Committees, coaches, volunteers, and athletes have put into our Return to Sport. Thank you for keeping everyone safe by carefully following SOBC protocols and provincial health guidance. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email

To find all province-wide restrictions on events, social gatherings, and travel, please click here.

To find virtual resources for staying active, connected, positive, and informed, please click here

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