Seeking a Current Metro Area Volunteer for the SONL Summer Games 2022 Organizing Committee

Special Olympics NL Seeking a Volunteer for their Summer Games 2022 Organizing Committee.


Member of the Organizing Committee (OC). The OC typically meets monthly, beginning 12-6 months prior to Games, moving to bi-weekly 4 months prior then weekly 1-2 months prior. The COVID-19 Protocol Chair would be available, and on-site throughout the duration of the Games. SONL Staff and additional volunteers work in conjunction with all OC members as required. The COVID-19 Protocol Chair will help recruit & support the venue safety volunteers(s) at each venue, ensuring all COVID-19 safety protocols and processes are in place and adhered to by all participants. The COVID-19 Protocol will follow both Special Olympics Canada (SOC) and SONL policies and procedures. 

Supporting Documents provided by SONL to assist: 

  • Return to Competition Plan 
  • SONL Proof of Vaccination Policy 
  • Attendance Protocol 
  • Positive Case Protocol (in conjunction with Medical Lead) 

Minimum Requirements 

  • Ensure each committee has sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning/disinfecting supplies, and hand sanitizer available. 
  • Ensure Attendance Protocol and Proof of Vaccination Policy are being followed at all venues/events. 
  • Ensure Public Health guidelines are being followed at all venues/events. 
  • Work with Medical Lead to ensure Positive Case Protocol is being followed. 

COVID-19 Protocol Committee Checklist 

Prior to Games 

  • Coordinate with each committee to ensure all required PPE is accessible 
  • Coordinate with Medical Lead to ensure all first kits have required PPE 
  • Ensure each venue/event has the required number of Safety Volunteers 
  • With support from SONL implement Return to Competition protocols for Games  
  • With support from SONL, develop and implement safety volunteer onboarding process  
  • Coordinate with all committees to have a Return to Competition plan in place specific to their needs  
  • Coordinate with venues to ensure Venue Specific guidelines are communicated and followed  
  • Create and distribute signage as needed  
  • With support from SONL, develop a logistical plan for Proof of Vaccination Process & Procedures 

During Games 

  • Assist safety volunteers as needed to follow all Public Heath guidelines  
  • Assist safety volunteers as needed to follow Return to Competition plan 
  • Assist safety volunteers and venues with Proof of Vaccination Process and Attendance Protocol  

Post Games 

  • Collect all unused PPE  
  • Collect and return all signage  
  • Thank volunteers (in conjunction with SONL)  
  • Prepare final report 

If you are a current Special Olympics NL Volunteer, located in the metro area and interested in being a part of our Special Olympics NL Summer Games 2022 Organizing Committee

please email SONL Program Director, Kim McDonald-Wilkes (she/her) at

We will accept expressions of interest until the end of business day Dec 3, 2021.