Policies and Publications

Special Olympics Canada is currently developing Pan-Canadian Policies and Procedures that Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador will be adopting to keep in line with the rest of Canada.

Like any organization, we have a detailed series of rules and regulation to ensure that our program and services are run in a uniform and appropriate manner.  These guidelines also ensure fair treatment of all those who choose to be involved with Special Olympics, as well as reputable business practices within our daily operations.

If you have any questions regarding Policy & Procedures please contact our Executive Director (administrative policies) or our Program Director (sports-related policies).


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Constitution & Bylaws

Currently under review - please check back for updates.

SONL Chapter Constitution & Bylaws




















Currently under review - please check back for updates.

1000 - Administrative

1000-01 Harry "Red" Foster

1000-02 SONL - Mission Statement

1000-03 SONL - The Role of Provincial Office

1000-04 SONL - Board of Directors

1000-06 People First Language

1000-07 Harassment Policy

1000-08 Guiding Principles to Support the Mission Statement

1000-10 Local Fundraising Guidelines

3000 - Program Policies

3000-1 Marketing and Public Relations

4000 - Program Policies

4000-1 SONL Orientation Provincial Volunteers

4000-2 Coaching Qualification - Head Coaches

4000-3 Coach/Volunteer Minimum Requirements

4000-04 Volunteer Screening Policy - Year Round Volunteers

4000-05 Volunteer Screening Policy - Special Events Volunteers

4000-07 Male and Female Coach of the Year

4000-08 Male and Female Athlete of the Year

4000-09 Program Administration Registration - Athletes and Volunteers

4000-11 Athlete Club Registration Eligibility

4000-12 Healthy Eating Policy

5000 - Training and Competitions

5000-04 Coach Eligibility Criteria for Provincial Games

5000-05 Provincial Games/Competition Registration Fee

5000-07 Regional Team Mission Staff for Provincial Games

5000-08 Alcohol Policy

5000-16 Selection Criteria for Coaches Advancing to National Games

5000-17 Selection Criteria for Mission Staff to National Games

More coming soon - Policies currently under review