Our Policies and Publications

Special Olympics Canada is currently developing Pan-Canadian Policies and Procedures that Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador will adopt to keep in alignment with the rest of Canada.

Like any organization, we have a detailed series of rules and regulations to ensure that our programs and services are run in a uniform and appropriate manner. These policies, procedures, and guidelines also ensure equitable treatment of all those who choose to be involved with Special Olympics, as well as reputable business practices within our daily operations.

If you have any questions regarding our Policies & Procedures, please contact our Executive Director or our Program Director.


annual reports


REQUIRED REGISTRATION FORMS & supporting documents

For additional information on required registration forms, please contact our Youth Development Coordinator jennifer@sonl.ca 709-738-1923 X 103

Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date paper forms

For those who use the Special Olympics Canada Portal for registration, all required forms have been updated.





Terms and Conditions Information

Terms and Conditions Sign-off Form


All registered members (athletes, coaches, volunteers) Once per program year. The Terms and Conditions information and acceptance form are to be reviewed and completed yearly with registration.

Any individual at a Special Olympics event who is not a registered member and entering the field of play.


Typically 1 or 2 day event volunteers

Every Special Olympics event. Once per program year if attending events regularly.


Can be found on our Community Club Page or by contacting a Club directly. If you are a NEW athlete registering please contact the club in your area directly or our Provincial Office at 709 738 1923 or info@sonl.ca



All athletes involved with Special Olympics NL Prior to beginning a program (Virtual or In-Person)

All Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Junior Coaches, Program Volunteers, and Operational Volunteers who are involved with Special Olympics NL.


One-time event volunteers do not have to complete this form.

Prior to beginning a program (Virtual or In-Person)


Criminal record check with vulnerable sector check

All registered volunteers must obtain a criminal record check and vulnerable sector check every 12 months.



Constitution & Bylaws

Currently under review - please check back for updates.

SONL Chapter Constitution & Bylaws

*Last Reviewed Oct 2017




Regional Leadership Council






*If a policy listed below does not match the last revised date listed, please contact our Executive Director or Program Director.



1. Appeal Policy DEC 2017
2. Appeal Policy Flowchart DEC 2017
3. Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy SEPT 2020
4. Discipline and Complaints Policy DEC 2017
5. Discipline Procedure Flowchart DEC 2017
6. Dispute Resolution Policy DEC 2017

7. Blood-Borne Contagious Infections Policy 

SEPT 2019

8. Eligibility for Participation Policy

JUNE 2023

9. Eligibility for Participants with Down syndrome Policy 

SEPT 2019

10. Endorsement Policy for Local, Regional, Provincial/Territorial, National Games and Competitions. 

JUNE 2022

11. Endorsement Policy for World Games

JUNE 2022

12. Athlete Identification for Competition Selection Policy 

DEC 2022

13. Policy Review Process 

JUNE 2021

14. Confidentiality Policy

SEPT 2020

15. Conflict of Interest Policy

SEPT 2020

16. Whistleblower Policy 

SEPT 2020
17. Divisioning Policy JUNE 2023
18. Concussion Policy JUNE 2021

19. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

MARCH 2022

 20. Quota Allocation Policy

JUNE 2022

21. Coach & Support Staff Eligibility for National & World Games Policy 

DEC 2022

 22. Safe Sport Policy

SEPT 2022
SEPT 2022
24. Social Media Policy IN DEVELOPMENT
26. Vision Misson and Values DEC 2017
27. Trans-Inclusion Policy IN DEVELOPMENT




NOV 2022
SEPT 2016
3. Marketing and Public Relations MARCH 2017
4. Privacy Statement DEC 2022
5. Volunteer Screening Policy: Year-Round Volunteers MARCH 2017
6. Volunteer Screening Policy: Special Event Volunteers MARCH 2017
7. Healthy Eating Policy SEPT 2016
8. Community Club Registration Eligibility: For Athletes SEPT 2016
9. The Role of Provincial Office APR 2007
10. SONL  Board of Directors APR 2007
11. Local Fundraising Guidelines APR 2007
12. Provincial Games Registration Fees APR 2014
13. SONL Organizational Structure AUG 2023