Placentia Lions

Placentia Lions Club

To get involved with the Placentia Lions as an athlete, coach or volunteer contact:

Gord Pike
(709) 680 4547

Joyce Walsh

(709) 685 9556

Special Olympics Placentia Lions athletes can start participating in a variety of programs; for more information on our sport rules please visit our Sports page.

Club Information

  We would like to remind everyone of SONL's registration policy:

 "Athletes are eligible to register for one Special Olympics club. If a sport is at full capacity or not offered at their home club they may attend another Special Olympics club for that sport. They must remain with that sport program for the remainder for the season. Athletes will pay a registration fee to the home club. Sports fees, if applicable, will be paid to the corresponding sport program. When athletes compete with their sport club; their registration and travel fees should be paid by their home club."

Program Information

Special Olympics Placentia Lions Activity Night is Tuesday's at 7:00pm at Laval High School.


Gord Pike
(709) 680 4547