Athlete Leadership

Exploring New Challenges
Athlete Speaker

As Special Olympics athletes gain confidence and feel empowered, they often seek new challenges.

Special Olympics Canada provides Athlete Leadership Programs, which equip athletes with the tools to undertake positions of leadership within their community and the broader movement. This allows athletes to explore opportunities beyond sports training and competition. These leadership roles can include public speaking, being an athlete health advocate, being a part of an Athlete Input Council, being a Peer Mentor and taking on positions as Board and Committee Members.

These roles give athletes a voice in shaping the Special Olympics movement, and a chance to spread the word about the transformations Special Olympics can bring to individuals and families. Athlete Leadership also provides a way for athletes to showcase and utilize their talents, interests and expertise.  

Through involvement with Athlete Leadership Programs, athletes can:

•    Learn to speak persuasively and comfortably
•    Interview with the media
•    Mentor and speak up for other athletes
•    Assist with fundraising events
•    Discuss their opinions on policy, governance, and all SO related topics

To see a video of an Athlete Leader in action, click here.

Video: Matthew Williams, athlete from Special Olympics British Columbia delivering a Tedx Talk.

For further information regarding the Athlete Leadership training program, and to learn which courses are available in your area, please contact our Program Director, Kim McDonald-Wilkes

Special Olympics NL has an athlete representative on the Canadian Athlete Input Council, Heather Miller.  Heather is from the CBS Brightstars Club!  As a participate in our Athlete Leadership Program Heather creates and designs a newsletter to distribute.  Check out the amazing work below!