Board of Directors

Building a Better Future

Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador is fortune to have an active board that strives to educate people about Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador's programs.

Our Board of Directors seek out individuals who have skill sets that are valuable to our organization such as business leaders, lawyers, accountants and human resources personnel.  These individuals work together to ensure that Special Olympics NL is moving forward together.

Our Board of Directors also takes on the responsibility of our major fundraiser every year - the Special Olympics Festival.

Board of Directors 2019-2020

Susan Collins, Chair
Mark Dawe, Past Chair
Juleah Lunden, Vice-Chair
Lynn Healey, Treasurer

Paul Peddle, RLC Representative
Ray Walsh, Parent's Representative
Robert Howard, LETR Representative
Heather Miller, Athlete Representative
Paul Currie, Progress Club Representative
Amanda Hancock
Carmel Casey
Judy Dobbin
Scott Andrews
Kate O'Neill
Janine O'Malley
Ken Marshall