Apply / Nominate - Athlete Representative on an Organizing Committee - Summer Provincial Games 2022

Position Description 


RESPONSIBLE TO: 2022 Summer Games Organizing Committee and Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador 

OBJECTIVE: To provide an athlete’s perspective into discussions and decisions made at a provincial level on the Organizing Committee (OC) for the 2022 Summer Games.   

POSITION TYPE: Athlete Leadership Program, Volunteer 

TIME FRAME: December 2021 – July 2022 

TIME COMMITMENT (TENTATIVE): Monthly meetings from December-March, bi-weekly meetings from April-May, and weekly meetings from June-July. 



  • Passionate about Special Olympics 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Positive attitude 
  • Organized 
  • Committed and responsible 
  • Patient 
  • Strong listening skills 
  • Desire to take on new challenges 
  • Respected by other Special Olympics athletes, coaches, and volunteers 
  • Ability to form their own opinions and communicate them clearly 



  • Trained and certified in the Athlete Leadership Program (ALP) Athletes on Input Councils and Committees course or willing to take the course and become certified.  
  • Must be located in the host games area (Summer Games 2022 is the Metro area).  


The selected Athlete will need a mentor to support their journey. 

The selected Athlete can still compete in the Summer Games. Involvement during Games will be determined by SONL and the successful candidate, depending on the Athlete's competitive involvement during Games. 



  • Promote awareness of SONL at different speaking engagements 
  • Attend OC meetings to provide athlete report 
  • Be the voice for SONL athletes; speak on behalf of athletes at OC meetings 
  • Understand and adhere to the SOC Pan-Canadian Code of Conduct and Ethics 
  • Have access to email 


At OC Meetings: 

  • Provide input on athlete issues and/or topics that arise 
  • Provide meaningful input about topics being discussed 


In the Community: 

  • Introduce yourself to your fellow athletes at events and practices 
  • Explain your role on the committee to your fellow athletes 
  • May be asked to represent the committee at games related events 
  • Use social media to spread the word about Special Olympics and your experience as an Athlete Leader 
  • Be a role model for other athletes, as well as other members in your community 


Becoming an Athlete Representative  

A coach, volunteer, or other SONL member must nominate potential Athlete Representatives. Athletes can also nominate themselves. 

Examples of how to become an Athlete Representative: 

  • Speaking with your coach about your interest in the position and asking them to nominate you 
  • Speak to your Community Club Coordinator about your interest in the position, and about the next steps 
  • Complete an Athlete Representative nomination form yourself 


Things to do once becoming an Athlete Representative 

Once you become a representative, there are some key things to remember to do. In your role, you may be asked to: 

  • Attend Organizing Committee meetings 
  • Work with the Organizing Committee and SONL to determine your duties on the Organizing Committee 
  • Visit teams and introduce yourself to your fellow athletes 
  • Communicate with athletes about their interests, concerns, and wishes for Special Olympics and communicate the appropriate information back to the Organizing Committee 


SONL is committed to ensuring that athletes participate in all key areas of the organization through athlete empowerment initiatives. This commitment hopes to ensure that athletes are given the opportunity to participate in the Special Olympics movement beyond sports training and competition.  

Through athlete empowerment, SONL hopes to help athletes experience greater control over their lives, put their thoughts into action, be personally responsible, and have some input in their local communities. It is SONL’s goal to include the participation of as many people with intellectual disabilities in running and spreading awareness for SONL programs as possible. 


Benefits of becoming a Community Athlete Representative 

There are many benefits to becoming a Community Athlete Representative. Below is a list of examples: 

  • Athletes are more supported 
  • Athletes have a stronger connection to their SONL community 
  • Athlete develop a better understanding of the SONL organization 
  • Athlete develop stronger relationships with agency partners, schools and municipalities  
  • Athlete participate in enacting positive change 
  • Athlete develop and utilize their leadership, presentation and communication skills 


The application deadline is November 18, 2021

To apply / nominate someone complete the following form: