Event Starts:
at 7:30PM
Event Ends:
at 8:30PM
Online Zoom Sessions

Social Circle

Virtual Social Group for athletes to hang out, chat, have fun and stay connected!  This group is open to all Special Olympics Athletes who have registered for the STEP into SPRING Challenge who enjoy meeting new people, chatting and having fun!


Just yourself and a smartphone/tablet or computer to use Zoom!  Try and find a quiet space in your home without much background noise or pets around if you can!  If you need any help during the session you can ask your caregiver near by or raise your hand on Zoom and a coach will answer.


Volunteer Coach Jill Robinson will host each session along with fellow volunteer coaches.  Questions to help moderate and guide the session will be sent to all registered participants prior to the start of each session.

Please complete the registration form below!  24-48 Hours before the start of the session an email will be send to you with the link to join the session!

There are 4 sessions, you can sign up for each one you choose!

Thursday April 15 7:30-8:30PM NdT

1. Tell us something you do to stay healthy!
2. What is your favorite vegetable or fruit to eat?
3. Are you drinking lots of water? 


Thursday April 29 7:30-8:30PM NDT

1. show and share - each athlete please bring one (1) item with you to "show" us and then "share" something about it
2. surprise live scavenger hunt - right in the comfort of your own home


Thursday May 13 7:30-8:30PM NDT

TOPIC: Be Active
breakout room session 1:
1. What do you do at home (inside) to stay active?
2. What activities do you enjoy outside?


breakout room session 2:
shh! it is going to be a surprise!


Thursday May 27 7:30-8:30PM NDT

topic: be prepared
breakout room session 1:
Share something from your bucketlist!
1. if you had all the money and time in the world what would you like to do?
breakout room session 2:
20 questions game!  category: sports
coaches will have an item and the athletes will work together asking questions trying to figure out what the mystery item is!
remember you can only ask questions  that can be answered with a yes or no!


large group session:
if time permits we will end the social circle with a large group question and answer session