Today, Tomorrow, Forever

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and especially so for people with intellectual disabilities. Many Special Olympics BC athletes knew the pain of loneliness long before COVID-19, and many are missing the vital social connections created through in-person Special Olympics programs.

But, across our great province, our isolation has shown how important we are to each other, and how the inspiring Special Olympics community can overcome any adversity put before us. 

Today, Special Olympics BC is building virtual programs to help athletes stay connected, healthy, and positive. Our in-person programs are currently paused, in line with provincial health guidelines, but we have strong safety protocols so we can resume what we can, safely, when provincial health conditions allow. 

You can show SOBC athletes that their community cares about them, and wants to ensure we will all be able to come together to compete and celebrate again. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

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Changing opportunities

Special Olympics BC offers 18 sports and youth programs to give athletes the chance to gain sport skills and improve their health while enjoying training that could take them to empowering competitions. 

“Special Olympics means a lot to me. It keeps me motivated, happy, and fit. It helps me be how I am today – a champ.” -Ryan Courtemanche, SOBC – Kelowna athlete

Changing health

People with intellectual disabilities lack access to quality health care and experience dramatically higher rates of preventable disease, chronic pain, and premature death. Our ultimate goal is to create a world where all people have the same opportunity to be healthy by addressing a range of barriers, which include lack of access, education, and resources. 

“I’m glad that I’m in Special Olympics so I can be healthy and fit.” -Simone Vanon, SOBC – Vancouver athlete

Changing attitudes

Special Olympics is raising awareness about the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. Through sports, we showcase the skills and dignity of our athletes. We also bring together communities to see and take part in the transformative power of sports.

"I love being a part of Special Olympics because of the inclusion and we show everyone what we are capable of." -Shayne Blandin, SOBC – Oceanside athlete


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