Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation

Course details

  • ~4 hours
  • Stand-alone course fee⁺: ~$65

⁺Course fees for required courses may be sponsored by the local community.

Course description

  • All coaches (except Active Start, FUNdamentals and Club Fit) are required to complete the Making Ethical Decisions module and Online evaluation. Coaches need only complete the MED evaluation once.
  • Select e-learning to complete "Make Ethical Decision Online Evaluation: Competition-Development"
  • This module is generic to all sports. The MED module is integrated into some sport-specific courses.
  • Click here to download instructions/information for taking the MED online evaluation.

Upcoming courses

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For courses other than the Special Olympics Competition Sport Workshop, coaches can try to apply for the Bob Bearpark Bursary offered by the Coaching Association of BC (subject to CABC approval). New coaches must indicate that they do not have a NCCP or CC# yet and indicate name, date and location of NCCP workshop previously completed on the bursary application form.
Click here for more information and to download application form.


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