Meet the Athletes and Training Coaches of the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023


We are thrilled to congratulate the 89 athletes from across the country who have been named to the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023.

These athletes will represent Canada at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Berlin, Germany from June 17-25, 2023. This will mark a long-awaited return to competition on the international stage since the last Special Olympics World Games in 2019. 

The past few unprecedented years have created a unique opportunity for this team. Due to the cancellation of programs and Games throughout the pandemic, athlete selection for the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023 was not based on results at a Special Olympics Canada Summer Games. Instead, the athlete quota was distributed based on athlete registration at each Provincial/Territorial Chapter. Each Chapter hosted a variety of qualifying opportunities for athletes over the past six months, resulting in a truly Pan-Canadian team.  

“We’re excited for a year of firsts,” says Chef de Mission Susan Lamboo. “It’s been a difficult past few years for Special Olympics communities across Canada and I want this team to be the flame that re-ignites the movement. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and commitment to prepare for our return to the world stage, but my hope for this team is that they will inspire athletes, coaches and volunteers across the country to remember it’s worth it – and we all have it in us.”

Please join us in congratulating the 89 athletes along with their 73 training coaches, who will join the  48 Coaches, Mission Staff, Alternates and Leadership Team on the Special Olympics Team Canada Training Squad 2023!

128 team members will be traveling to Berlin to represent Canada next June.


Alec Baldwin - Manitoba

Annick Léger - Ontario

Christian Gerro - Nova Scotia

Curtis Cook - Ontario

Grant Phillips - Nova Scotia

Jennifer Riddell - Alberta

Jeremy Wall - Prince Edward Island

Jesse Thibeault - British Columbia

Jessica Larivée - Quebec

Jolyn Watts - British Columbia

Louis Charrette - Quebec

Michael Budden - Newfoundland & Labrador 

Patti Connors - New Brunswick

Regan Hofley - Manitoba

Samantha Walsh - Newfoundland & Labrador

Vanessa Gebert - Saskatchewan

Basketball, Men’s

Dashawn Williams - Ontario

Franck Koffi - Ontario

Keegan Waite - Prince Edward Island

Kyle Litfin - British Columbia

Malachy Stewart - British Columbia

Pedro Désir - Quebec

Robbie Westlake - Nova Scotia

Steven Saman - Saskatchewan

William Hall - Manitoba

William Shepherd - Alberta

Basketball, Women’s

Blair Bastien - Ontario

Bonnie-Jean Shade - British Columbia

Emily Lichty - Ontario

Jennifer Allen - Ontario

Kaylee Legault - Ontario

McKenzie Millar - Saskatchewan

Michaela Wasyliw - Alberta

Taralyn Kalelest- British Columbia

Tatyanna Turner-Gerroir - Nova Scotia 

Tyrine Flukinger - British Columbia


Jennifer Adams - Manitoba

Kyle Vogelgesang - Alberta

Laura Stremble - Ontario

Wayne Gowanlock - British Columbia


Caroline Thibault - Nova Scotia

Colleen Voth - Manitoba

David Whittington - Alberta

Ian Cushon - Saskatchewan

Marc Richardson - Ontario

Rachel Peers - British Columbia

Shannon Doiron - New Brunswick

Stephen Denham - Quebec


Allie Price - Alberta

Derrick Wiseman - New Brunswick

Erin Thom - British Columbia

Francesca Vachon - Quebec

Jason Norminton - Manitoba

Krista Stockman - Nova Scotia

Melvin Hanhams - Newfoundland & Labrador 

Natasha Stasiuk - Ontario

Taylor Carter - Saskatchewan

Tijana McCarthy - Yukon


Aaron Higgins - Saskatchewan

Daniel Moores - Newfoundland & Labrador

David Nicholson - Alberta

Josee Seguin - Ontario

Marley Gayler - Ontario

Phil Brown - Nova Scotia 

Reetu Chahal - Manitoba

Ryan Kealey - British Columbia

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Jodi Klukas - British Columbia

Kimana Mar - Ontario

Patricia Colgan - Quebec

Rebecca Birss - Manitoba

Soccer, Women's

Alyssa Chapman - Prince Edward Island

Amanda Manzardo - British Columbia

Amy Nelson - British Columbia

Ashley Thomas - Nova Scotia

Candace Bushie - Ontario

Donna White - Nova Scotia

Eileen Mooney - Alberta

Geneviève Baillargeon - Quebec

Jenny Murray - Alberta

Jessica Fournier - Quebec

Kristy Alford - Ontario

Terra Dagenais - Saskatchewan


Abby Wilson - Alberta

Caleb Lake - Nova Scotia

Chelsey Makaro - Northwest Territories 

Chris Innes - Ontario

Jesse Canney - New Brunswick 

Kelsey Wyse - British Columbia 

Minori Hénault - Quebec

Tyler Servant - Saskatchewan


Training Coaches


Amy Poole - Saskatchewan

Bingo Rivera - Ontario

Christina Kendall - Newfoundland and Labrador

Claire Deweyert - New Brunswick

Danielle Assaad - Quebec

Deborah Carter - British Columbia

Janet White - Ontario

Janice Howe - Manitoba

Joan Conrad - Nova Scotia

Jodi Harper - Prince Edward Island

Lena Kublick - Manitoba

Michael Riddalls - British Columbia

Peggy Chubb - Newfoundland and Labrador

Peter McCormick - Nova Scotia


Allan Gillis - Prince Edward Island

Andrew Maclean - Ontario

Bill Leesman - Alberta

Brian Litfin - British Columbia

Caitlin Cirocco - Ontario

Dave MacNeil - Nova Scotia

Dylan Mascetta - Ontario

Ken Blackburn - British Columbia

Les Andrykew - British Columbia

Neil Lewis - Ontario

Patrick Henry - Ontario

Vladimir Jonquille - Quebec


Caroline N. Rippe - Alberta

Dave Toupin - Manitoba

Georgina McIntosh - British Columbia

Susan Cannon - Ontario


Chris Sumner - Manitoba

Dennis Richardson - British Columbia

Donald Theriault - New Brunswick

Ruth Exley - Saskatchewan

Kempton Hyson - Nova Scotia

Lori Savage - Ontario

Todd Mitchell - Alberta


Allan Price - Alberta

Donald Roger Ryan - New Brunswick

France Carrière-Vachon - Quebec

Jed Barber - Manitoba

Jim Stockman - Nova Scotia

Joe Tremblett - Newfoundland and Labrador

Mike Lamontagne - Ontario

Misty Pagliaro - British Columbia

Teneil Caron - Yukon

Tyler Carter - Saskatchewan


Cody Barkhouse - Nova Scotia

Curtis Howden - Alberta 

Doug Higgins - Saskatchewan

Emily Armstrong - Ontario

Jordan Sernaggia - British Columbia

Len Moores - Newfoundland and Labrador

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Jennifer Merrell - Manitoba

Samantha Kuzyk - British Columbia

Xinhong Jin (Sing) - Ontario


Debbie Quinlan - Ontario

Geoff Tyler - Nova Scotia

Heather Lawson - British Columbia 

Kieran Goodwin - Prince Edward Island

Larry Fast - Saskatchewan


Antoine Guénette - Quebec

Carla Dueck - New Brunswick

Edwina Renaux - Nova Scotia

Joan Gunn-Allard - Alberta

Leo Rutledge - British Columbia

Lexie Letzing - Northwest Territory

Pat Moran - Ontario