Reetu Chahal

Athlete - Reetu Chahal

SPORT:  Powerlifting

PROVINCE:  Manitoba

How long have you been involved with Special Olympics?

More than 15 years.

How is your life different since joining Special Olympics?

Since I became involved with Special Olympics, I feel more confident, motivated and mentally and physically stronger. I also got the chance to meet more people face to face and became more involved with the community.

What do you like most about the sport you will be competing in at Special Olympics World Summer Games Berlin 2023?

I will get the chance to show my talent and my good game.

What is your proudest moment with Special Olympics?

When I got the chance to participate in Special Olympics games, in the Unites States, in Minneapolis and won the Gold Medal.

What does Special Olympics and attending World Games mean to you?

It makes me feel very proud and lucky.

What is your goal for Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023?

To win a medal for my country.