Draft an Athlete

At this time of year when we would normally gather for a night of high fives, stories of impact and celebration of our athletes and supporters at the Special Olympics Canada LIMITLESS gala, we ask that you keep that in spirit as we accept our next challenge. 

Although it may not be possible to come together in person, the need for critical funding to support our programs and athletes remains.

While we continue to provide virtual programming to keep our athletes healthy, active and connected at home, our ultimate goal is to get our athletes back on the field of play once safe to do so. Making this shift and ensuring a safe environment for our athletes and volunteers will be more costly than ever.

In our history, we have not had to face these types of challenges, but we are responding with ‘Challenge Accepted’ and a renewed commitment to ensure Special Olympics in Canada, our athletes and volunteers, come through this together, stronger and better.

We thank you for your continued support and hope that you will accept this challenge along with us. 

Help our athletes return to the field of play by drafting an athlete today!


Draft an Athlete 

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A generous donor has committed up to $60,000 in matching funds for Draft an Athlete.



Meet the Athletes 

Matty Popp

Eddie Nicks

Callum Denault

"Special Olympics gave me a group of friends that includes and understands me."

"Your support can help us to create success for ourselves and maybe even become a superstar."

"It was hard to find communities where I was accepted, and in Special Olympics I don’t have to try, I can just be myself."


Meg Ohsada

Kelsey Demeulenaere

Matthew Fields

"Everyone cheers me when I compete. My family and friends are proud and happy for me."

"I can't wait to see all my friends new dance moves when we get back to our programs."

"After the first practice I looked at my dad and said 'I belong'. That was the beginning of this 16 year journey."


Nerissa Pooran

Wyatt Oostendorp

Leonka Kaluha

"My life changed from Special Olympics because my confidence improved, and I will continue to enjoy everything."

"Special Olympics helps people who may not have had a chance to have a community that supports them."

"I proved that I am able to do sports after being told all my school years by teachers I wasn't coordinated enough."


Bobbi-Lyn Cleland

Alma Loken

Tess Trojan

"I discovered I had cataracts and now have much better vision thanks to the Healthy Athletes program." 

"Playing at Special Olympics, I’m not always last like at school. My mom told me it's when I ran for the first time."

"We are inspired to do our best when we know others are in our corner making opportunities for us happen."