Draft an Athlete: Matthew Fields

Matthew Fields


"After the first practice I looked at my dad and said 'I belong'. That was the beginning of this 16 year journey."




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My sport:

I’m actively participating in alpine skiing and golf. I have also participated in track and field, soccer, and swimming in the past.


My favourite thing about Special Olympics:

My favourite thing about Special Olympics is competing and supporting all my fellow athletes in Ontario.


My greatest accomplishment:

The greatest accomplishment for me was competing in Thunder Bay this year and winning three Silver Medals at my 2nd national winter games


How Special Olympics changed my life:

Special Olympics had changed my life so much in many ways.

First, meeting and competing with so many amazing athletes. Second, having the opportunity to represent Special Olympics as an ambassador and continuing to develop my abilities to engage and work with people. In 2018 I got to share my passion for music while raising awareness of Special Olympics, drumming on the Jay and Dan show on TSN and creating a drum solo for a 50th anniversary radio commercial. Third, having my sister join me as the youngest alpine coach at the National Games in Thunder Bay. Finally, being selected to work as a Guest Service Agent at Deloitte University after applying for the job that was posted on the Special Olympics website.


How I've been staying healthy and active at home:

During the last 6 mouths I have been exercising every week, including virtual workouts and cycling in Collingwood. I’ve been keeping my mind active by connecting with friends on Facetime every week and reading my kindle. In addition, I continue to take online guitar and drum lessons. When I’ve had a little spare time I’ve helped both my dad and grandad repair the deck and dock. I also created a workout video and cooking demonstration with the help of Ryan at Special Olympics Ontario that was broadcast across the web.


My favourite memory:

Participating at the World Winter games in Schladming Austria in 2017 was amazing. Having the opportunity to meet athletes from around the world and competing at a hill that hosts the World Cup was awesome. Skiing to the best of my abilities and winning a gold medal was pretty exciting as well.

However, being hired by Deloitte University through the support of Special Olympics and my parents has meant so very much. All the hard work through school combined with the experiences of prior jobs and Special Olympics made it possible.


Why you should Draft an Athlete to help us get back to the playing field:  

Everyone should donate to Special Olympics programs and athletes because it provides opportunities and opens doors for amazing new challenges. It helps support young families and athletes that might not otherwise get the opportunity to participate.

I had stopped playing sports competitively when I was very young, at 13 I had the opportunity to try Special Olympics soccer. After the first practice I looked at my dad and said “I belong”. That was the beginning of the journey I’ve been on for 16 years. Your support and that of our volunteers has made my story possible. Donating is life changing, it helps fund and deliver the programs that develop athletes.


What I'm looking forward to most when returning to our regular Special Olympics programming:

When programs return to normal I am looking forward to being with all my fellow athletes and continuing my work as an ambassador foe Special Olympics. I can’t lie, I’m also looking forward to getting on the hill again and running through the gates. See you at the mountain!


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A generous donor has committed up to $60,000 in matching funds for Draft an Athlete.