Policies and Publications

Organizational Policy Manual

Like any organization, we have a detailed series of rules and regulations to ensure that our programs and services are run in a uniform and appropriate manner across our chapters. These guidelines also ensure fair treatment of all those who choose to be involved with Special Olympics Canada, as well as reputable business practices within our daily operations. If you have any questions regarding the Policy and Procedures manual, please email:

1. Safe Sport Policy Suite

2. Appeal Policy Flowchart

3. Discipline Procedure Flowchart

4. Blood-Borne Contagious Infections Policy

5. Eligibility for Participants Policy

6. Eligibility for Participants with Down Syndrome Policy

7. Athlete Identification for Competition Selection Policy

8. Policy Review Process

9. Confidentiality Policy

10. Conflict of Interest Policy

11. Whistleblower Policy

12. Divisioning Policy

13.Concussion Policy

14. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

15. Quota Allocation Policy

16. Endorsement Policy for Local, Regional, Provincial/Territorial, National Games and Competitions

17. Endorsement Policy World Games

18. Safe Sport Policy

19. Athlete Protection Policy

20. Coach & Support Staff Eligibility for Participation in National and World Games Policy


Special Olympics Canada Accessibility Policy



2017-2020 Strategic Plan


2022 - 2023 (Coming Soon)