Special Olympics Canada News

Eric sits in a chair getting his eyes checked.
February, 2020
Special Olympics Team PEI five-pin bowler Eric Smith, 36, has had cataracts since a young age.
Tracey Melesko cross country skis in front of a tree line.
February, 2020
Special Olympics Team British Columbia’s cross-country skiers are a tight-knit group bound for success with longtime Kelowna athlete Tracey Melesko at the helm.
Logan Firmage smile and looks in the camera.
January, 2020
Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador’s Logan Firmage rarely bowls at a bowling alley – but that didn’t stop the 15-year-old from qualifying for the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Thunder Bay 2020.
Madalyn, left, stands atop the podium smiling at the camera next to another athlete
January, 2020
Saskatoon’s Madalyn Gramiak has spent many years cheering for her older sister on the soccer field. Now that she’s a Special Olympics Saskatchewan athlete, it’s Madalyn’s turn to be the “superstar” in the family.
Photos of Dereck Boutilier before and after weightloss
January, 2020
Special Olympics Nova Scotia’s Dereck Boutilier always wanted to play floor hockey, but at 302-pounds it just wasn’t possible.
Christine Hoffman's before and after weight loss pictures side by side.
January, 2020
Two years ago, Special Olympics Manitoba five-pin bowler Christine Hoffman weighed nearly 400-pounds and struggled with high cholesterol at just 26-years-old. When she qualified for the Special Olympics Canada 2018 Bowling Championships in Prince Edward Island, she and her coach decided to make some much-needed lifestyle changes.