Official Sports and Rules

Special Olympics athletes all have the opportunity to participate in programs at a level that suits their individual needs.

Perhaps they have decided to stay active for life, enrolling in year-round programs that run in the community. Or maybe they will choose to take it to a higher level, with an eye to earning the opportunity to compete in National or International Games.

In order to create an environment that is beneficial for everyone involved, on both a competitive and personal level, we have taken great care in developing our rules and our process for placing each athlete in an appropriate group for competition (process called divisioning). This way, every athlete is able to participate and benefit from being active. For more information on divisioning please visit our National Games page

Special Olympics Canada athletes participate in the following official sports. Rulebooks for each sport can be found by clicking on each individual sport. Rules are reviewed on a 4-year cycle following the National Games and the official rule change process can be found here.

Winter Sports: 









Summer Sports: