Return to Play

Our plan is designed to help Special Olympics Alberta athletes, coaches, affiliates, and caregivers understand the steps and requirements for in-person sports and events to return as safely as possible.

We will be continually updating this website page as the situation evolves. Last update: January 24, 2022

What’s happening right now

Special Olympics Alberta has determined that Affiliates & Community Programs are welcome to resume programs if they choose to do so. We recognize that some Affiliates & CPs may choose not to reopen, and some may reopen cautiously, SOA supports and respects each Affiliate & CP’s decision.

For information about programs in your community please reach out to your local affiliate.

In alignment with the province’s new requirements and the current state of the pandemic in Alberta, the SOA Return to Play requirements for in-person activities has been updated to align with the Restriction Exemption Program.

It is the policy position of SOA that all staff, and registered participants (volunteers and athletes), aged 12 and older, are required to submit proof of full vaccination to participate in any in-person events. This includes, but is not limited to: weekly program sessions, fundraising events, competitions, and workplaces in both indoor and outdoor settings.

To view the policy in its entirety and review the requirements for submitting proof of vaccination please see our Vaccine Policy page.

Our current sport level

Affiliates and Community Programs are welcome to resume programs at their discretion.

SOA Return to Sport Guidelines




What to know before you return:

forms And Resources

Here is what all participants will need to fill out when their program restarts and they want to rejoin, as well as forms required for programs. These forms will need to be filled out before your first practice. The forms can be found in the plan above, and will soon be linked individually below. Specific Resources from the Return to Play Guidelines have also been individual share below under Resources.


Guidance For Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation
Isolation and Quarantine Requirements

The next pieces we’re working on right now

  • Return to in-person programming for the Fall/Winter season
  • Developing Sport-Specific Return to Play to guidelines.

Resources for programs

SOA Covid-19 Program Updates & Announcements




FITNESS & Healthy Athletes RESOURCES













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