Athlete Leadership

Athlete Leadership empowers athletes to develop leadership skills and utilize their voices and abilities to undertake meaningful leadership roles, influence change in the Special Olympics movement and create inclusive communities around the world. As athletes gain the confidence that comes with achievement, they feel empowered and ready to take on new challenges to make use of all their abilities.

All across the province our athletes are developing their inner excellence on and off the court. They compete and volunteer at competitions, represent fellow athletes in their area, mentor new athletes, and are public speakers. They are proving that people with intellectual disabilities are vibrant, active, talented members of Special Olympics and in communities in which they participate.

Interested in being an Athlete Leader or a mentor for an athlete leader? 

  • Click here to access the Athlete Leadership First Steps Guide. 
  • Click here to access the Alberta Athlete Leadership Handbook. This handbook provides information on potential opportunities as an athlete leader, training sessions that are available to build leadership skills, and worksheets to create an Athlete purpose statement to guide your first steps into the world of Athlete Leadership. 

Interested in starting an Athlete Input Council in your community?  

  • Click here to access the first steps to starting your own local Athlete Input Council. 
  • What is an Athlete Input Council? This is an opportunity for athlete’s in your community to come together and discuss topics of importance for your area. Come together to be the voice of athletes in your community.  

Alberta Athlete Leadership Input Council

  • The Alberta Athlete Leadership Input Council currently has 12 members from across the province, representing 7 of 8 regions.  
  • Regions include South, South Central, Calgary, Central, North Central, Edmonton, Northeast, Northwest. 

Upcoming Opportunities

 If you have interest in future sessions please send a message to Jill at