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Special Olympics has a four-year competition cycle for summer and winter sports, giving athletes the chance to compete regionally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. Special Olympics Alberta Locals and Provincial Office also host competitions throughout the year across the province.

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Please note: As per the Government of AB requirements, masking will be required to be worn on all public transportation. This includes athletes taking public transit to and from competitions, carpooling to competitions, and Affiliate specific transportation to competitions.

Facilities – Participants make be asked to wear masks in some facilities. Participants must follow facility guidelines if that is a requirement. Athletes, volunteers, and spectators should still be encouraged to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable doing so.

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Provincial Games 

Special Olympics Alberta Provincial Games occur every two years alternating between summer and winter competitions. These Games serve as qualifiers for national games and opportunities to be part of Team Alberta.

2023 special Olympics Alberta Winter Games-Strathcona county

The Special Olympics Alberta Provincial Winter Games 2023 will be held in Strathcona County. More information will be available soon.

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Past Provincials

2019 special Olympics Alberta Winter Games-Calgary

Calgary hosted the Provincial Winter Games from February 8 to 10, 2019. 

See the SPORT, STRENGTH, and SPIRIT of the 2019 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games.

Calgary 2019

2017 Special Olympics Alberta Summer Games-Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat hosted the Provincial Winter Games from July 7 to 9, 2017. 




The provincial games are an exciting opportunity for all athletes.  In order to be eligible to compete at Provincial Games, athletes must be a registered member with their local club and be in good standing with Special Olympics Alberta.  

Athletes will register for provincial games through their local Special Olympics program. Although some athletes compete and train in many sports, they will only be permitted to register in one sport for Provincial Games. It will be up to the athlete and their affiliate to determine which sport they will wish to compete in.

For an athlete to be eligible for provincial games they must meet the following criteria:

  • Be ten (10) years of age as of the first day of the competition; 
  • Is registered with Special Olympics Alberta and a member in good standing within the community; 
  • Is a member of an accredited Special Olympics Alberta Affiliate or Community Program; 

Have appropriate maturation based upon the following: 

  • Ability to cope with pressures involved in traveling and competition 
  • Ability to cope with being out of usual environment 
  • Have competed in a qualifying competition preceding the Provincial Championships/Games in that particular sport; and 
  • Have actively participated in a Special Olympics Alberta program, in that sport, for one (1) full program year prior to Provincial Games. 

Athlete Single Sport Competition

Athletes can only be selected for one sport with Team Alberta because all sports will be part of a single National Summer Games.  It is a specific issue in instances where athletes would compete in a team sport and another sport.  If they choose their second sport over their team for Team Alberta selection then the entire team is in jeopardy.  We have a max number of replacements that we can make to a team when going to National Games so if multiple members chose their second sport that entire team would be disqualified from Provincial Team selection.

National Games

Special Olympics Canada hosts National Games every two years, alternating between summer and winter. Athletes from across Canada compete in various sports over the course of a week with the goal of achieving personal bests and in some cases, the opportunity to be named to be part of Team Canada for the proceeding World Games.


The latest National Games took place in Thunder Bay, Ontario from February 25-29 and featured 8 sports: alpine skiing, 5-pin bowling, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, floor hockey, snowshoeing and speed skating. 

Team Alberta had a spectacular showing at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games 2020. The Wolfpack represented the province proudly and returned with 86 total medals.