Coaching Courses


SO Learn is an online volunteer orientation site. This is a self guided course that has a quiz at the end.  You can take it at your own pace and you are not expected to go through all the content at once.  This is an online course that will take you 2-3 hours to complete.  It provides an excellent orientation to Special Olympics and information about individuals with an intellectual disability.  All volunteers are encouraged to take this course.

Competition Course

This is a two day course that is designed for coaches interested in developing their athletes for competition and have aspirations of coaches on Team Alberta or the National Team.

The goals of the SOC Competition Sport Course are preparation for local, provincial, national, and international competitions with the primary focus on safety, fun, fitness, fundamentals, and performance as well as teaching the basic skills of the sport.

Following completion of all training, a coach can choose to become certified in the Competition - Introduction context sport specific through an evaluation process managed and coordinated by the generic National Sport Organizations (NSO) & Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).

A Trained SOC Competition Coach is expected to:

  • Provide support to athletes in areas such as technical, physical tactical and mental preparation
  • Coach in competition as well as in training
  • Encourage an environment that is fun
  • Coach may progress to various levels with their athletes or the coach may choose to work with athletes at a specific level
  • Required for all coaches who wish to coach at National or International Games


Young Athlete Program Leader Training

This is a six hour course designed for individuals that would like to work with youth with intellectual disability.  It focuses on the development of Fundamental Motor Skills and the implementation of the Special Olympics Active Start and Fundamentals programs.

Training is now being offered and implemented for old, current, and potential Youth Program Leaders. This training is a great way to gain more knowledge about Special Olympics, complete & receive certification of the 3hour Fundamental Motor Skills Module, and complete the young athlete training.

This training is designed to be a 6-hour course split up into 2 parts. The first part being Fundamental Movement Skills Professional Development Module. SOC has worked closely with the Coaching Association of Canada [CAC] and the National Coaching Certification Program [NCCP] to ensure consistency, relevance and compliance with the NCCP minimum standards.

The second Associated Disability Module, there will be background given on the 4 most common disabilities found in children who participate in Special Olympics. There will also be information on the motor skills and motor abilities of these children, followed by a practical component.