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Athletes want to perform their best at every competition. You can do this by being fit. Fit 5 is a plan for physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. It can improve your health and fitness to make you the best athlete you can be. 

Fit 5 asks participants to exercise 5 days a week, eat 5 total fruits and vegetables per day, and drink 5 water bottles per day.


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If you're looking to lay the smackdown and are interested in taking your at-home training to the next level, check out WWE School of Strength with superstar trainer Becky Lynch.

Introducing a whole new way to exercise, featuring WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. Work out with these videos five times a week to help you stay fit and reach your athletic goals. Watch them in order starting with Video 1. When you can do each exercise in a video correctly, it’s time to move on to the next one.

WWE SCHOOL of strength

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We would love to see how you are promoting fitness in your community; whether it be engaging athletes with Facebook Live workouts, or sharing content from your athletes participating in Fit 5 workouts, we are excited for Fit 5 to take over Alberta.

For more information or any questions regarding Fit 5 please message Courtney Lacoste at