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There are a few different processes for registering depending on your situation. Please note that currently you are not able to register multiple individuals under one email account without first contacting the Special Olympics Alberta Office at







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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I am a returning athlete/volunteer, but the system is not able to find me.  What information do I enter?

  • Try entering your full name, instead of the name you go by
  • Make sure that you are using the e-mail that you submitted to Special Olympics in the past
  • We advise that you register as a new member 

I do not have an e-mail address. Can I still use the online registration system?

  • Unfortunately, no. In order to create an account on the Portal, you must have an e-mail address. You can print out and complete a paper form (athlete form/volunteer form), and then submit it to your Community Coordinator.

I am a caregiver looking after multiple athletes. Can I use my e-mail address to create accounts and register each athlete?

  • No, you cannot use the same e-mail address to create multiple accounts. If you are in this situation, please complete this form and you will be contacted with further instructions.



We did not opt in for online payments this year yet some individuals seem to have paid online. What has happened here?

  • By entering a rate for a sports program session in the online portal, this is opening your program up for online payment via the portal. If you wish to use the payment system, there are a few setup items that are important to note before communicating to your members that it is available
    1. Please ensure that the session fees are entered correctly. 
    2. Please ensure that you have approved the enrollments prior to the member making a payment.
  • Once payments are received at the SOA Provincial Office, they will be transferred to the local affiliates on a weekly basis as received.

A guardian of an athlete mistakenly registered the athlete under their care as if the athlete themselves was registering. How does this affect the liability waivers?

  • There is a different set of waivers for an athlete who is their own legal guardian as opposed to another individual who is the legal guardian for an athlete. In this case, the incorrect waivers were sent out so new ones will need to be signed. There are two ways of doing this by contacting SOA at 
    1. We will provide new waivers to print out. Once these waivers are signed by the guardian they can be mailed to the SOA office.
    2. We can cancel the registration. Once this is done, the guardian can re-do the registration process ensuring to properly complete the waivers section.

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