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Virtual Programming

PEAK Program

PEAK (Provincial Exercise and Activity Knockout) Program is back for eight-weeks starting May 9, 2021. PEAK is a virtual program that brings athletes together online to create fitness goals and attend virtual training sessions as a complement to our traditional, in-person programming.

Athletes are challenged to participating in challenges, complete their BINGO cards, and partake in a variety of fun activities like virtual dances!

PEAK is a community where athletes set goals and encourage each other on their individual journeys to the summit! 

  1. Sign up for PEAK on our website here
  2. Go to this link and ask to join the PEAK Facebook group to access the workouts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/soapeakprogram
  3. By Sunday every week athletes can track their progress and climb to the PEAK here, those that enter regularly will be entered into prize draws.  
  4. Every week a new BINGO card with activities can be printed out. Each week the new BINGO cards will be posted here.
  5. All sessions, outside of our bonus events will be shared on our YouTube channel within a day of the event, so subscribe now to replay your favourites. 

Further information can be found at  https://www1.specialolympics.ab.ca/peak-program/

Staying connected is one of the core components of the PEAK Program and, to do so, we are asking athletes to sign up for our Healthy @ Home newsletter. The newsletter is released every Monday and will be your go-to source for information, virtual session announcements, and all the activities planned for the PEAK Program for that week. 

Subscribe here: https://mailchi.mp/specialolympics.ab.ca/healthyathome