Peter and Doug Looking to Make Vegreville Proud

Peter and Doug
Peter Skoreyko (left) and Doug Hopper (right) | Photos via Corrine Audy

The 2019 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games are only four days away and Special Olympics Alberta – Vegreville athletes Doug Hopper and Peter Skoreyko are excited to showcase their skills.

At 54-years-old and 68 respectively, Doug and Peter are lifelong residents of Vegreville who will make their hometown proud at #Calgary2019

Corinne Audy, a team volunteer for SOA-Vegreville, stated that both Doug and Peter “work hard and play hard,” adding that “they always try their best to have fun, practice, and play well.

Doug is a member of the 5-pin bowling squad and he is thrilled to take part in his first Provincial Games.

He is working hard to make sure he is at his best when he hits the lanes on Saturday through “lots and lots of practice,” according to Doug.

The 5-pin team practices on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week and with the help of their coach Kevin Tremblay, Doug will be ready to play hard and have fun.

“I like all of my friends here and the coaches,” said Doug on why he enjoys 5-pin bowling.

Peter is a veteran when it comes to Provincial competition as he has attended the Summer Games for both athletics and bowling.

This time he is set to compete as part of the floor hockey team.

He plays forward and enjoys chasing the puck to help gain possession for his team and get shots to the net.

Peter stated that the team is practicing every Tuesday, specifically working on some of their moves and preparing for tough competition.

As an experienced competitor he had some excellent advice for Doug and other athletes competing in their first game:

“Try your best and if you win, you win, [and] if you don’t win its okay. You’re not here to win and if you don’t, its okay. You are here to enjoy yourself. That’s the way I look at it. My coach Kevin Tremblay always says that too."

Both Doug and Peter stated that they are excited to make the walk at Opening Ceremonies and ready to dust off their dancing shoes for Saturday night.

As they make their final preparations for Provincials, one thing is certain both Doug and Peter will be excellent representatives for their affiliate in Calgary.

“I am just hoping to do my best,” said Doug.

“I am excited for floor hockey,” said Peter.