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Spring/Summer 2023 Program Notes

Athlete Fees are listed below. Please pay before the start of programs.

*PLEASE NOTE: Start dates are approximate and dependent on weather. You will be notified by your Head Coach when the first day of the program will be. Also, please check your email the day of the program for any cancellations.

Golf: On the first night of golf, the Head Coach will be dividing the Athletes into groups,
and the times might change also.

SoftballSoftball teams will overlap by 15 minutes. When the intermediate Athletes arrive at 7:00, they can do their warmups on the grass area while the novice team finishes by 7:15.
Athletes, if you sign up for beginner or intermediate and you find you are not comfortable in that division, please let the Head Coach know and you can switch teams.





Ph: 587-228-2988