Choose Inclusion

Pride for ALL

From Special Olympics to the LGBTQ+ community: we are more alike than different. Special Olympics Saskatchewan celebrates the value of inclusion alongside the LGBTQ+ community all year round. 

We stand for inclusion

People with intellectual disabilities are as multi-dimensional and diverse as the LGBTQ+ community. Special Olympics Saskatchewan celebrates Pride Month this June (and every month throughout the year) with the keen understanding of what it takes to fight for dignity, humanity, and basic rights. We stand united in the fight for inclusion. 

We are proud of the LGBTQ+ athletes, staff, volunteers, families, and partners in our global movement. While sports are the core of Special Olympics Saskatchewan, our vision is a world of inclusion where every single person is accepted and welcomed. We stand beside our LGBTQ+ friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors in solidarity to change the status quo to celebrate dignity and respect for all persons all year round.

Support us in creating inclusive and welcoming communities across the province - #ChooseToInclude by getting involved in your local community!

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