Virtual Awards



The awards recognize and highlight the accomplishments of the many amazing volunteers, coaches, athletes, and supporters of Special Olympics Saskatchewan in the past year. We want to celebrate all the hard work and recognize the people that make up this wonderful organization.

Please see the Awards Program below to read all about our Nominees for each award this year.


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Awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Athlete of the Year - This award category recognizes athletes who have demonstrated significant personal and athletic growth.
  • Team of the Year - The team that receives this award has proven to be outstanding in the Program Year because its team members have displayed great sportsmanship by being considerate of fellow teams, athletes, coaches and officials. 
  • Coach of the Year - The Coach of the Year award is presented to Saskatchewan’s most outstanding coaches. The criteria for coach of the year awards are: a person who has contributed greatly to the development of their sport, displayed outstanding leadership and coaching skills, and have shown commitment to the advancement of their sport within Special Olympics.
  • Jr. Coach/Volunteer of the Year - This award is presented to youth volunteers (age 21 and under) who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and contributed to the development of sport in Special Olympics
  • Volunteer of the Year - This award is presented to a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to Special Olympics within their  community or district.
  • Unsung Hero Award - Is presented to a volunteer who works ‘behind the scenes,’ consistently going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the smooth operation of their program and the enjoyment of all athletes involved.
  • Shining Star Award - This award is presented to an athlete who exemplifies the Spirit of Special Olympics.
  • Honorary Life Member - This award is presented to long time members of Special Olympics Saskatchewan who have made extraordinary contributions to our organization. 
  • Athlete Lifetime Dedication Award - This award is presented to a long-standing athlete who has best exemplified the spirit, philosophy and goals of Special Olympics Saskatchewan and the Special Olympics movement over the course of their career.
  • Bob Pedde Memorial Award - It is awarded to an individual or group who has shown outstanding dedication and contributions to Special Olympics Saskatchewan. The award states: “In memory of Bob Pedde whose dedication to the Special Olympics movement is legendary”. 
  • Community Excellence Award - The Community Excellence Award is selected by the Special Olympics Saskatchewan Provincial Office and is awarded to a community that puts forth a genuine effort to have high-level and quality programming at the community level, as well as with provincial initiatives and fundraisers.
  • Presidents Citation Order of Merit Award - This award is presented to an individual, corporation, group, or organization who has contributed to Special Olympics Saskatchewan with an extraordinary personal or financial donation.
  • LETR Outstanding Service Award - This award recognizes the achievements of a Saskatchewan LETR volunteer that has exemplified the true meaning of the LETR mission in spirit, dedication and enthusiasm.
  • Unified Spotlight Award - Each year, Special Olympics Saskatchewan chooses one of Saskatchewan’s Unified schools to showcase their school’s involvement with Unified Sports and to present the ‘state of inclusion’ in the province of Saskatchewan. Representatives from their school will be invited to the awards ceremony and will make a presentation on behalf of their Unified team, school and Unified Sports in Saskatchewan.


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