Volunteer roles

Special Olympics volunteers can get involved at the club, community, district, and/or provincial level. Volunteering at the provincial level can lead to opportunities at the national and international level.

Some volunteers offer a few hours of their time per year at specific events, while others work several hours a week year-round. Whatever your interests, talents, background, and availability, Special Olympics has volunteer opportunities that will fit your everyday lifestyle.

If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, see Coaching Roles


We are always looking for volunteers to assist coaches in our local sports clubs by helping out at practices, providing extra administrative support or team management, or lending a hand at local competitions. 


The role the Community Executive Committee (CEC) is to lead, support, coordinate, organize, and oversee Special Olympics sport programs, initiatives, and events within their community.

The CEC commits to upholding Special Olympics Saskatchewan (SOS) standards and works towards having quality programming for their community membership, including athletes, coaches, and volunteers. If you are interested in as a member of your local CEC, contact your local community


  • Schedule and chair Executive Committee meetings
  • Ensure that all SOS policies and procedures are followed
  • Set budget with Executive
  • Submit accreditation
  • Monitor day-to-day affairs of community
  • Act as a liaison between the Provincial Office and the community


  • Reaching out to potential volunteers
  • Being a primary contact for volunteers and matching volunteers to specific SO programs in the community
  • Regular contact with existing volunteers
  • Provide athlete information as needed
  • Ensure all volunteers are registered with updated Criminal Record Check
  • Promoting Special Olympics and work for volunteer recruitment and retention to ensure sustainability
  • Recognize community volunteers
  • Connect a new volunteer with a volunteer in the same program


  • Develop, maintain and oversee the logistics of the SO sports programs in the community
  • Help to organize the coaching staff, program volunteers, facilities, equipment, safety
  • Work with the Executive to address needs and develop programs and opportunities
  • Ensure all SO programs are compliant with Athlete to Coach Ratio Guidelines
  • Ensure that all coaches are properly certified through the NCCP certification program and that SOC coaching standards are being followed
  • Assess funding for new and existing programs, including outside and internal grant opportunities


  • Record meeting minutes and develop other written documents for the Executive Committee, forwarding them to SOS Provincial Office


  • Coordinate and organize income and expenses, community funding (resources and expenses), banking procedures, financial statements, account activity, and quarterly reports
  • Sanction any fundraising initiatives that meet the specific requirements and guidelines outlined by SOS policies
  • Create and maintain financial reports for the Provincial Office as needed
  • Assist with financial portion of community accreditation


  • Although not assigned specific tasks, members at large will step in when needed to assist with different tasks to promote and develop the Special Olympics movement
  • Communicate any issues, needs and/or concerns with Special Olympic programs in the community


  • Fundraising Coordinator: Organize and execute fundraising events to assist with community funding
  • Publicity/Marketing Coordinator: Work to build a relationship with community members; publicize Special Olympics programs and fundraising initiatives
  • Athlete Coordinator: Oversee athlete involvement, including official registration, sport/program interests, medical and contact information



Event volunteers are often needed when athletes from several communities participate in official competition. These events are ran by staff and volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering at an event please contact your local community.