Meet this Special Olympics Team BC figure skater who designs and creates her own performance dresses

Jordyn Flamma spins on the ice on her rainbow dress.
Jordyn performs at the 2020 Winter Games.

Special Olympics Team BC’s Jordyn Flamma earned two silver medals at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Thunder Bay 2020, all while performing in dresses she designed and created herself.

The 20-year-old athlete from Maple Ridge won silver in both the singles and ice dancing events.

“I choose the music and dress at the same time … to match everything – to match the music,” the talented figure skater and seamstress said.

For the 2020 Winter Games, she created a rainbow dress to match the Mexican music for one performance, as well as a blue and yellow dress to match the colours of Special Olympics Team BC. 

Flamma first learned how to sew in a community class. It only takes her a couple of hours to make a dress from scratch.

“They’re gorgeous,” her coach Tannis Marshall said of her dresses. “She did a wonderful job – not only on her dress, but it was a great performance – lots of power lots of speed.”

Flamma, of course, is proud of her medal-winning performances at her first-ever National Games.

“I felt awesome,” she said.

With the 2020 Games officially closed, she’s already planning her next creation for the following season: a green dress similar to the character Fiona from Shrek to match her music: Changes from Shrek 2.