Celebrating Disability Employment Awareness Month with Jysk employee and Special Olympics athlete, Catherine Partlow

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month and we are celebrating inclusion in the workplace by hearing from Special Olympics Ontario athlete, Catherine Partlow. Catherine has been an athlete since she was 14-years-old, before she became an employee at Special Olympics Canada’s partner, JYSK.


What sport do you participate in with Special Olympics?

I participate in golf track and snowshoeing.

Where are you employed?


How long have you worked there?

I have been at JYSK for 10 years. In January, it will be 11 years since I started there.

What is your favourite part about your job?

Mostly, I enjoy being with people.

Have any skills or values you’ve learned at Special Olympics helped you succeed at your job?

At Special Olympics I have learned to be a team player and this helps me with my job.

 What is a something you’ve accomplished through your job that you are proud of?

I have been asked to stay late and to come in for extra days to help get the store ready for a big visit from upper-level management. This makes me feel appreciated for what I do and confirms that I am doing a good job and succeeding there.

Why is inclusion in the workplace important?

I enjoy doing a job that other people can do, and to be trusted by my employer to do a good job. I like to share my accomplishments in Special Olympics with other employees and with management. My manager shares my accomplishments with head office. It makes me feel valued and proud. People are interested in finding out about Special Olympics through me.