Meet Ontario Coach Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul has been involved with the Special Olympics movement for 37 years! As an avid sports fan, Paul has channeled his love of sports into being a dedicated Special Olympics volunteer and coach, and the movement is so lucky to have him! During his tenure in the Special Olympics family, Paul has coached softball and floor hockey. He has been fortunate enough to attend Special Olympics Canada Games in Ottawa in 2000, Quebec City in 2008, Alberta in 2012 and Newfoundland in 2016.

Paul’s Floor Hockey team (‘The Bunsmaster Rollers’) first attended a World Games in Boise, Idaho in 2009 and has been playing together as a squad ever since. Most recently, the team attended the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria in March 2017 and after a hard fought battle against rivals of these Games, Hungary, came away with a silver medal! Over the years Paul has built many lasting relationships with local athletes; as well as with athletes and coaches from all over Ontario. Paul always loves to see the friends he’s made over the years at any competition he attends.