Meet Special Olympics Volunteer Tessa Webb

Tessa Webb

Tessa Webb is the head coach of her local Abbotsford Active Start and FUNdamentals program, helping ages 2-12 learn basic motor skills. Tessa first became involved with Special Olympics as she was looking for an opportunity to volunteer with kids. Since her first experience with Active Start, she’s been hooked. Tessa says having the opportunity to give her participants a chance to play and be active is such a pleasure and she is so lucky to be able to watch as they improve from week to week. Active Start and FUNdamentals program leaders are just one way to volunteer with our movement. To find out about other areas you can support Special Olympics, visit our website Thank you Tessa for all you do for Special Olympics!

“It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to watch as the athletes evolve both physically and socially. It’s the little things that make it such a wonderful experience!”