Empire Company Ltd. banner stores want to help us raise $1 million for Special Olympics athletes. When you donate in-store from June 1-8, your donation will be matched!* Are you up for the challenge?

The fundraising campaign will be held in Sobeys, Safeway, Foodland, IGA West, Foodland & participating Co-Ops, Thrifty Foods, Lawtons Drugs and Needs convenience stores across Canada - just add "support athletes with an intellectual disability" to your grocery list.

To participate, all you have to do is say “YES” to donating $2 or rounding up your bill at check out. Every $2 donated helps provide one day of funding for an athlete enrolled in a Special Olympics program.

Together, we can help support the health of individuals with an intellectual disability and create more inclusive communities across Canada.

*100% of the money raised will be donated to Special Olympics Canada with no administration fees retained by Empire Company Limited. No tax receipts will be issued for the donation made during this time. Empire Company Limited will match donations made in-store to a maximum of $500,000 from June1-8, 2023.


Ava Grantham

Nova Scotia

“When we were expecting Ava and learned she had Down syndrome, we wanted to get more educated, so I became involved with our local Special Olympics program as a volunteer. When Ava turned two years old, she started participating in Active Start and has been ever since! It’s given us a place to feel like we are part of the same thing everyone else is part of. Special Olympics has changed our lives for the better. Our eyes have been opened to what Ava’s future may look like and gives her the opportunity to develop with her peers.”

- Paul Grantham, Ava’s Father

Bodi Kessel


“Having a program of Bodi’s own where he can go and do all the activities himself is huge for him. He absolutely loves Special Olympics. This is also a great opportunity for us as parents to connect, ask each other questions, see what works and doesn’t work for the other children and to know you are not alone. The support and donations from Sobeys banner stores and the amazing customers means more than they will ever know. These donations allow for children to be active and take part in activities they may not otherwise have the chance to.”

- Stacie and David Kessel, Bodi’s Parents

Kate Wade

New Brunswick

“Special Olympics was first suggested to us by our doctor and we never looked back, we rarely miss a week! It’s been wonderful to connect to families similar to us. It means the world for kids to be able to participate with kids similar to them. They want what every child wants – to be included and to play! Special Olympics has helped us get active, find friends for Kate with similar abilities and families that accept us without judgement. To other parents – don’t hesitate to get involved. It’s just as nice for us as the kids.”

- Kate's Parents

Logan Cooper


“It’s difficult to describe in short what Special Olympics has meant to our family. My husband knows my son in a way he did not before. Our daughter has a compassion, respect, and acceptance for diversity far beyond her 8 young years. I can see the pieces of the puzzle I need to assemble to ensure our son is equipped and empowered to leave his mark. And Logan, he is excited to go to golf, bowling, baseball, bocce to see his friends and his coaches. He is excited to go to school and tell his friends. And his eyes are on the future for what exciting thing is coming next. What Special Olympics has been for our family is no small thing. Every donation received contributes to ensuring the opportunities for athletes like my son Logan to continue.

- Megan Cooper, Logan’s Mother




Rowan Kelley

Prince Edward Island

“We are in the early years of participating with Special Olympics and I like to think the best is yet to come for accomplishments. Rowan has done so much already - his attendance has helped support him learning to walk, run, jump, throw a ball, catch a ball, kick a ball, balance and so much more. These seem like small feats but they are huge celebrations for us and watching Rowan take what he has learned and apply it at school and other parts of life is a joy. Our whole family participates. It is great to see his sisters in a role of being supportive and helpful and it is a very positive experience for all of us.”

- Stephen and Stancy Kelly, Rowan’s Parents

Ryan Ramasamy


“Special Olympics connects Ryan and our family to a bigger world, a world of possibilities and capabilities! It builds up Ryan’s confidence and strength in his physical and mental capabilities, and adds meaningful moments to our lives. For Ryan and for our family, Special Olympics has become a goal as well as a way to challenge and enjoy life. I can’t thank Special Olympics, all the program volunteers and supporters like Sobeys enough for getting Ryan and our family where we are. Special Olympics welcomed us into a world with love, support, and fun with the best people and lots of appreciation! Thank you again for supporting Ryan and our family!”

- Yan Zha, Ryan’s Mother

Ellah Orr

British Columbia

“Special Olympics has provided an inclusive space for our daughter to explore different sports while allowing her to grow her confidence. Every child deserves an inclusive space to grow. Every child deserves to feel like they belong and be part of a team. This is what Special Olympics has done for our daughter.”

- Mariah, Ellah’s Mother

Julia Rae Power

Newfoundland and Labrador

“Julia has been involved in our local Special Olympics program for five years now. She began with Active Start and now loves the swimming program too. She looks forward to joining the gymnastics and bowling programs in the future. We can’t wait to see where her passions and the opportunities provided by Special Olympics take her.”

- Tim Power and Ruby Thorne, Julia’s Parents

Olivia Thompson


“Our whole family is involved in Special Olympics. Olivia is one of three, and each of our daughters participate - in bowling, alpine skiing, track and field and now snow shoeing and speed skating too. I remember someone once said to me, ‘Oh, your girls are going places,’ and they really have. Special Olympics has given our kids something to strive for. We love watching all three of them skate their hearts out!”

- Katherine Thompson, Olivia’s Mother


Sobeys Nutrition Corner

In addition to their support through funding and food, Sobeys works with Special Olympics Canada to support healthy bodies and minds though nutrition education for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Sobeys Nutrition Breaks are bite-size nutrition sessions for Special Olympics athletes, coaches, volunteers and families/caregivers. Created so they can be delivered anywhere and by anyone, many topics are covered – the updated Canada Food Guide, Healthy Eating on the Go, Hydration, Mindful Eating, Testing Your Nutrition Knowledge and more!

Visit the Sobeys Nutrition Corner