2017 Coaches Symposium

Team Building
Coaches work together in a team building activity at the 2017 Coaches Symposium

The 2017 Special Olympics Saskatchewan Coaches Symposium was an incredible success! The second annual event was bigger and better than the first.  64 Special Olympics coaches made the trip to Elk Ridge Resort for the weekend. We had the pleasure of having a coach travel from British Columbia for our Symposium!

The weekend started with a night that included a heartbreaking Saskatchewan Roughriders loss but ultimately the fun of the group overruled the pain of football defeat. Friday evening was a networking and bonding experience for everyone. Saturday was a long day, full of meaningful learning. Jackie Powell, Special Olympics Swift Current Coach who has attended many Provincial, National and international games as a swimming coach, did a great session on developing and implementing yearly training plans. We were fortunate to have a session on Concussion Education from Rhonda Shishkin and Kate Thompson. The keynote session on Saturday was delivered by former Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey coach Daniele Sauvageau. Daniele was dynamic and inspiring for 2 hours; she kept everyone in their seat and maintained attention from beginning to end! Saturday night was capped off with an excellent, yet very dark scavenger hunt. Sunday was the day for team building. Steve Koszman led us in a team building experience that included a great competition that demonstrated the importance of teamwork.

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! We are all a part of the Special Olympics team and must work together to make the athlete's dream work!

We want to extend a thank you to all the coaches who attended the 2017 Coaches Symposium! Thank you for giving your time for the weekend and all the time you give to our athletes. Hope to see you all at events throughout the year and at next year’s Coaches Symposium!

A huge thank you to the wonderful presenters and scavenger hunt engineers we had the pleasure of including in our Coaches Symposium weekend!